A Toolkit for Building OER Partnerships Between Higher Ed and PreK12


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This presentation builds on the presenters' 2021 OpenEd presentation, titled "Boundary Spanners: Bridging Gaps Between Higher Education and PreK12" http://hdl.handle.net/10919/105384 which asserted that many personnel in higher education want to share their knowledge with a broader audience but lack the ability to create materials that best meet the needs of PK12 students. Over the past year Anita Walz and Julee Farley have developed a toolkit for higher education faculty, librarians, instructional designers, graduate students, and undergraduates who aspire to build respectful and productive outreach relationships and open educational resources for and with PreK12 teachers. The openly-licensed toolkit includes editable course materials (readings, slides and presentation transcripts, sample communication templates, assignments and partnership evaluation forms) for self-study and guiding graduate and undergraduate students through diverse topics including working with minors, educational standards-related issues, copyright, open-licensing, and acceptable uses of third-party works, empowering teachers to provide their expertise, and adapting and sharing openly-licensed works. Funding for the toolkit was provided in part by the IMLS-sponsored Scholarly Communication Notebook.

For further information on the toolkit, see: http://hdl.handle.net/10919/112264.



open educational resource, higher education, PreK12, schools, preK-12, K12