Framework to Facilitate Metacognitive Strategy Development in Computer-mediated Instruction: A Design and Development Study


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Virginia Tech


This study develops a computer-based interactive content design framework to guide the design of metacognitive scaffolds in ill-structured problem-solving instruction. It adopts Type II design and development research approach to create a comprehensive and generalizable instructional design framework. The framework was composed by synthesizing research and practical literature, and then evaluated by experts in related fields. The completed framework includes metacognitive strategies, instructional design strategies, interactive media types, question prompts, and feedback. Instructional designers, instructors, and other key stakeholders could follow the guidelines proposed in this framework to create metacognitive-based ill-structured problem-solving instruction using e-Learning authoring tools. On one hand, this study bridges the gap between theory and practice; on the other hand, it adds to literature in media research with focusing on utilizing various media types to create effective learning materials.



interactive design, metacognitive scaffolds, ill-structured problem-solving, Type II design and development research