Mobile spin bags and their interaction in the spin-density-wave background


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American Physical Society


The motion of one doped hole in the spin-density-wave background has been studied by the variational approach. A spin-bag solution for the doped hole has been obtained that applies in the weak- and intermediate-coupling regime. The effective attraction between two spin bags with antiparallel spins has been shown to be p- and d-wave like. The low-lying spin-flip excitations are found to be important both in the spin-bag effect of the doped holes and the effective attraction between them, which, in the latter case, are combined with the exchange of the simple-amplitude fluctuations to give a dominant contribution. On the other hand, the total attractive interaction is reduced by the Coulomb repulsion, which is restored in the presence of the "bag" effect.



physics, condensed matter


Weng, Z. Y.; Ting, C. S.; Lee, T. K., "Mobile spin bags and their interaction in the spin-density-wave background," Phys. Rev. B 41, 1990 DOI: