Development of a Technology Planning Framework for School Districts in Developing Countries

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Virginia Tech


This developmental research used components of Rogers' diffusion of innovations (1962) theory to develop a technology planning framework for school districts in developing countries. The Framework may be used by officials from developing countries in different levels of government to develop a technology plan for their districts and states. The study utilized two types of expert reviewers to evaluate the proposed Framework. The first type was the Diffusion of Innovations theory expert reviewers who were selected to determine if the Framework conforms to the principles of the theory. The second expert reviewers were individuals in different parts of Africa who were selected to establish if the Framework is feasible and practical to the conditions of developing countries. The overall feedback from expert reviewers was positive and suggestions and comments were used to modify the Framework in order to improve it to be an effective technology planning tool. The final product of this study is a step-by-step procedural guide consisting of activities and suggestions that can be used to develop a school district technology plan in a developing country.



diffusion of innovations, technology framework, technology planning, school districts, developing countries