Simplifications in the x‐ray line‐shape analysis

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American Institute of Physics

It is shown that a Fourier series associated with the Warren‐Averbach line‐shape analysis can be fitted with only five parameters to a pair of peaks. These interrelate the Fourier coefficients and thereby provide a simplified series which has been applied to the study of a Mo film on a Si crystal. The parameters include the average particle size, the first neighbor rms strain, a term which gives the variation in rms strain with cell separation, and two instrumental broadening coefficients. Although considerable simplification is possible, equivalent information can be obtained as compared with the original analysis and the ’’hook effect’’ is eliminated in the fitted coefficients.

Fourier analysis, Biophysical techniques, Molybdenum
Adler, T., Houska, C. R. (1979). Simplifications in the x‐ray line‐shape analysis. Journal of Applied Physics, 50(5), 3282-3287. doi: 10.1063/1.326368