Functional Regression and Adaptive Control

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Virginia Tech


The author proposes a novel functional regression method for parameter estimation and adaptive control in this dissertation. In the functional regression method, the regressors and a signal which contains the information of the unknown parameters are either determined from raw measurements or calculated as the functions of the measurements. The novel feature of the method is that the algorithm maps the regressors to the functionals which are represented in terms of customized test functions. The functionals are updated continuously by the evolution laws, and only an infinite number of variables are needed to compute the functionals. These functionals are organized as the entries of a matrix, and the parameter estimates are obtained using either the generalized inverse method or the transpose method. It is shown that the schemes of some conventional adaptive methods are recaptured if certain test function designs are employed. It is proved that the functional regression method guarantees asymptotic convergence of the parameter estimation error to the origin, if the system is persistently excited. More importantly, in contrast to the conventional schemes, the parameter estimation error may be expected to converge to the origin even when the system is not persistently excited. The novel adaptive method are also applied to the Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC) and adaptive observer. It is shown that the functional regression method ensures asymptotic stability of the closed loop systems. Additionally, the studies indicate that the transient performance of the closed loop systems is improved compared to that of the schemes using the conventional adaptive methods. Besides, it is possible to analyze the transient responses a priori of the closed loop systems with the functional regression method. The simulations verify the theoretical analyses and exhibit the improved transient and steady state performances of the closed loop systems.



Functional Regression, Persistent Excitation, Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Systems, Parameter Estimation, System Identification