Exploring Performance Limits of Wireless Networks with Advanced Communication Technologies


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Virginia Tech


Over the past decade, wireless data communication has experienced a phenomenal growth, which is driven by the popularity of wireless devices and the growing number of bandwidth hungry applications. During the same period, various advanced communication technologies have emerged to improve network throughput. Some examples include multi-input multi-output (MIMO), full duplex, cognitive radio, mmWave, among others. An important research direction is to understand the impacts of these new technologies on network throughput performance. Such investigation is critical not only for theoretical understanding, but also can be used as a guideline to design algorithms and network protocols in the field.

The goal of this dissertation is to understand the impact of some advanced technologies on network throughput performance. More specifically, we investigate the following three technologies: MIMO, full duplex, and mmWave communication. For each technology, we explore the performance envelope of wireless networks by studying a throughput maximization problem.



Wireless network, MIMO, interference cancellation, full duplex, mmWave communication, modeling and optimization, algorithm design