Distributed, Modular, Open Control Architecture for Power Conversion Systems

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Virginia Tech


Due to close coupling to hardware and lack of software engineering technologies, the control software in digitally controlled power conversion systems is difficult to design and maintain. This is a natural consequence of a topology- or application-driven design approach. This research work proposes a distributed, modular, open control architecture for power conversion systems to reduce control design complexity, encapsulate and localize design dependencies, reduce unnecessary redesign effort and improve software quality. Dataflow style is chosen as the architectural style for the proposed control architecture based on comparative analysis. The detailed implementation of the dataflow architecture is presented. The resulting dataflow control software is evaluated in comparison to the legacy approach to control design used in industry and academia. The dataflow control software for a 3-phase voltage source inverter is also tested on a real PEBB-based converter system. To further explore the flexibility of control composition that is brought by the dataflow approach, the feasibility of dynamic control reconfiguration is also presented as an important future research direction.



PEBB, real-time system, open control architecture, dataflow