Chance-Constrained Optimal Distribution Network Partitioning to Enhance Power Grid Resilience


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This article proposes a method for identifying potential self-adequate sub-networks in the existing power distribution grid. These sub-networks can be equipped with control and protection schemes to form microgrids capable of sustaining local loads during power systems contingencies, thereby mitigating disasters. Towards identifying the best microgrid candidates, this work formulates a chance-constrained optimal distribution network partitioning (ODNP) problem addressing uncertainties in load and distributed energy resources; and presents a solution methodology using the sample average approximation (SAA) technique. Practical constraints like ensuring network radiality and availability of grid-forming generators are considered. Quality of the obtained solution is evaluated by comparison with- a) an upper bound on the probability that the identified microgrids are supply-deficient, and b) a lower bound on the objective value for the true optimization problem. Performance of the ODNP formulation is illustrated through case-studies on a modified IEEE 37-bus feeder. It is shown that the network flexibility is well utilized; the partitioning changes with risk budget; and that the SAA method is able to yield good quality solutions with modest computation cost.



Microgrids, Resilience, Generators, Distribution networks, Planning, Optimization, Uncertainty, Chance-constrained optimization, microgrid, grid-forming generators, radiality, resilience