Informal nutrition symposium: leveraging the microbiome (and the metabolome) for poultry production


Knowledge of gut microbiology of poultry has advanced from a limited ability to culture relatively few microbial species, to attempting to understand the complex interactions between the bird and its micro biome. The Informal Nutrition Symposium 2021 was intended to help poultry scientists to make sense of the implications of the vast amounts of information being generated by researchers. This paper represents a compilation of the talks given at the symposium by leading international researchers in this field. The symposium began with an overview of the historical developments in the field of intestinal microbiology and microbiome research in poultry. Next, the systemic effects of the microbiome on health in the context of the interplay between the intestinal microbiota and the immune system were presented. Because the microbiome and the host communicate and influence each other, the novel field of kinomics (the study of protein phosphorylation) as used in the study of the poultry microbiome was discussed. Protein phosphorylation is a rapid response to the complex of signals among the microbiome, intestinal lumen metabolites, and the host. Then, a description of why an understanding of the role of microbial endocrinology in poultry production can lead to new understanding of the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota and the host can interact in defined mechanisms that ultimately determine health, pathogenesis of infectious disease, and behavior was given. Finally, a view forward was presented underscoring the importance of understanding mechanisms in microbiomes in other organ systems and other species. Additionally, the importance of the development of new-omics platforms and data management tools to more completely understand host microbiomes was stressed.



poultry, microbiome, immunometabolism, kinomics, microbial endocrinology