Characterization of damage mechanisms and behavior in two-dimensionally braided composites subjected to static and fatigue loading

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Virginia Tech


In the present research project, four braided composite architectures consisting of graphite fibers in an epoxy matrix were tested under static and fatigue loading conditions to determine damage mechanism types and progressions. The braided architectures consisted of straight axial fiber bundles, which were surrounded by braider fiber bundles oriented at ±a 0 with respect to the axial fiber bundles. Static tension and compression testing was completed first to determine material strengths and basic damage modes for each of the architectures. Under static tension loading, cracking in the braider fiber bundles occurred first, and was followed by splitting in curved regions of the axial fiber bundles. Matrix cracking and kink band formation were found to occur under static compression loading.



textile composites, testing, failure, Fatigue, damage, Modeling