Optimal control problems with switching points

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Virginia Tech


The main idea of this thesis is to give an overview of the problems and difficulties that arise in solving optimal control problems with switching points. A brief discussion of existing optimality conditions is given and a numerical approach for solving the multipoint boundary value problems associated with the first-order necessary conditions of optimal control is presented. Two real-life aerospace optimization problems are treated explicitly. These are altitude maximization for a sounding rocket (Goddard Problem) in presence of a dynamic pressure limit, and range maximization for a supersonic aircraft flying in the vertical plane, also in presence of a dynamic pressure limit. In the second problem singular control appears along arcs with active dynamic pressure limit, which, in the context of optimal control, represents a first-order state inequality constraint. An extension of the Generalized Legendre-Clebsch Condition to the case of singular control along state/control constrained arcs is presented and is applied to the aircraft range maximization problem stated above. A contribution to the field of Jacobi Necessary Conditions is made by giving a new proof for the non-optimality of conjugate paths in the Accessory Minimum Problem. Because of its simple and explicit character the new proof may provide the basis for an extension of Jacobi’s Necessary Condition to the case of trajectories with interior point constraints. Finally, the result that touch points cannot occur for first-order state inequality constraints is extended to the case of vector valued control functions.