Probabilistic Load-Margin Assessment using Vine Copula and Gaussian Process Emulation

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The increasing penetration of renewable energy along with the variations of the loads bring large uncertainties in the power system states that are threatening the security of power system planning and operation. Facing these challenges, this paper proposes a cost-effective, nonparametric method to quantity the impact of uncertain power injections on the load margins. First, we propose to generate system uncertain inputs via a novel vine copula due to its capability in simulating complex multivariate highly dependent model inputs. Furthermore, to reduce the prohibitive computational time required in the traditional Monte-Carlo method, we propose to use a nonparametric, Gaussian-process-emulator-based reduced-order model to replace the original complicated continuation power-flow model. This emulator allows us to execute the time-consuming continuation power-flow solver at the sampled values with a negligible computational cost. The simulations conducted on the IEEE 57-bus system, to which correlated renewable generation are attached, reveal the excellent performance of the proposed method.



Probabilistic load margin, Gaussian process emulator, vine copula, uncertainty, voltage stability