A Survey of Factors Which Influence Teachers' Use of Computer-based Technology

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Virginia Tech

Current literature is plentiful on computer-based technology's influence on students. There are only a few studies which have looked at the influence that computer-based technology has on teachers. This is a study of factors which influence teachers' use of computer-based technology. It is based on inconsistencies in previous studies, areas not addressed in previous surveys and the dramatic changes in computer-based technology and Internet access using Web browsers since the previous surveys on computer-based technology were conducted.

A survey was conducted of K-12 teachers in two rural county school systems. One was in southern West Virginia and the other was in southwestern Virginia. This survey found that computer access in the classroom influenced the frequency of use for some instructional activities. Lack of Internet access and obsolete computer equipment resulted in a negative influence to the teachers use of computer-based technology in the classroom. Teachers also expressed a desire for a continuous type of training program for the use of computers.

survey, computers, teachers, K-12, Technology, Internet