Real-Time Mask Recognition


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While a variety of image processing studies have been performed to quantify the potential performance of neural network-based models using high-quality still images, relatively few studies seek to apply those models to a real-time operational context. This paper seeks to extend prior work in neural-network-based mask detection algorithms to a real-time, low-power deployable context that is conducive to immediate installation and use. Particularly relevant in the COVID-19 era with varying rules on mask mandates, this work applies two neural network models to inference of mask detection in both live (mobile) and recorded scenarios. Furthermore, an experimental dataset was collected where individuals were encouraged to use presentation attacks against the algorithm to quantify how perturbations negatively impact model performance. The results from evaluation on the experimental dataset are further investigated to identify the degradation caused by poor lighting and image quality, as well as to test for biases within certain demographics such as gender and ethnicity. In aggregate, this work validates the immediate feasibility of a low-power and low-cost real-time mask recognition system.



COVID-19, classification, machine learning, mask recognition


Billings, R.M.; Michaels, A.J. Real-Time Mask Recognition. IoT 2021, 2, 688-716.