Quantum Information Processing with Color Center Qubits: Theory of Initialization and Robust Control

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Virginia Tech


Quantum information technologies include secure quantum communications and ultra precise quantum sensing that are significantly more efficient than their classical counterparts. To enable such technologies, we need a scalable quantum platform in which qubits are con trollable. Color centers provide controllable optically-active spin qubits within the coherence time limit. Moreover, the nearby nuclear spins have long coherence times suitable for quantum memories. In this thesis, I present a theoretical understanding of and control protocols for various color centers. Using group theory, I explore the wave functions and laser pumping-induced dynamics of VSi color centers in silicon carbide. I also provide dynamical decoupling-based high-fidelity control of nuclear spins around the color center. I also present a control technique that combines holonomic control and dynamically corrected control to tolerate simultaneous errors from various sources. The work described here includes a theoretical understanding and control techniques of color center spin qubits and nuclear spin quantum memories, as well as a new platform-independent control formalism towards robust qubit control.



Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, Spin Qubits, Color Centers, NV Centers, Diamond, Monovacancy, Silicon Carbide, Dynamical Decoupling, Geometric Phase, Holonomic Quantum Computation, Dynamically Corrected Gates