Assessing Elementary Pupils' Attitudes Toward Technology


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Virginia Tech


Making all US citizens technologically literate necessitates investigation into how to achieve this literacy. The Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology (STL) is intentional about ensuring technological literacy in all students. Instilling this knowledge in elementary students is an emerging field that requires assessment tools that conveys understanding into what student attitudes are about technology and technological concepts. Developing appropriate technology education curriculum that promotes meaningful and integrative learning hinges on a comprehensive and clear understanding of these attitudes.

Originally designed for middle school age students, the PATT (Pupils' Attitudes toward Technology) instrument was developed and administered in the Netherlands. In 1988 the PATT- USA instrument, translated from Dutch to English, was given to 10,000 US middle and high school students and was validated for assessing their attitudes toward technology. Due to the age of the instrument, dated technological terminology was updated with language reflective of today utilizing inter-rater analysis. The purpose of this descriptive research examines the viability of using the modified PATT, now the PATT-ELEM, instrument with elementary students in the assessment of their attitude toward technology.



Attitude Assessment, Elementary, PATT-USA