Sexual attitudes and behaviors of married Christian college alumni

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between religiosity, marital satisfaction, sexual behaviors, and sexual satisfaction of married persons who attended a church affiliated university.

Data were collected from 56 married individuals who attended a conservative, church-affiliated university located in the south-central United States. The sample was mostly caucasian, heterosexual, upper-middle income, college educated, divided equally by gender, and ranged. in age from 27 to 83 (M=age 46). Participants had been married between 4 and 54 years (M=22 years), and most (90%) participants were in their first and only marriage.

Religiosity was operationalized by Rohrbaugh and Jessor's (1975) religiosity scale. Marital satisfaction was operationalized using the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale (Hatch, James, & Schumm, 1986). Sexual satisfaction was operationalized from global sexual satisfaction questions (Darling & Davidson, 1987).