Proceedings of the 2022 Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop

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  1. Where are the Datasets? A case study on the German Academic Web Archive by Yousef Younes, Sebastian Tiesler, Robert Jäschke and Brigitte Mathiak

  2. Comparison of Access Patterns of Robots and Humans in Web Archives by Himarsha Jayanetti, Kritika Garg, Sawood Alam, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle

  3. Wayback Machine Video Archiving Insights by Sawood Alam, Bill O'Connor and Mark Graham

  4. Optimizing Archival Replay by Eliminating Unnecessary Traffic to Web Archives by Kritika Garg, Himarsha Jayanetti, Sawood Alam, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson

  5. Emulation-based long-term Access to Complex Web-sites by Marcel Tschöpe, Rafael Gieschke and Klaus Rechert

  6. Web Archiving as Entertainment by Travis Reid, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle

  7. First steps in Identifying Academic Migration using Memento and Quasi-Canonicalization by Mat Kelly, Deanna Zarrillo, Christopher Jackson and Erjia Yan

  8. CDX Summary for Web Archival Collection Insights by Sawood Alam and Mark Graham

  9. Russia-Ukraine News on the Dark Web by Grant Atkins, Aaron Buehne, Abby Mabe, Zak Zebrowski and Justin Brunelle

  10. Archiving Source Code in Scholarly Content: One in Five Articles References GitHub by Emily Escamilla, Talya Cooper, Vicky Rampin, Martin Klein, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson

  11. Arch-It by Helge Holzmann, Nick Ruest, Jefferson Bailey, Alex Dempsey, Samantha Fritz, Ian Milligan and Kody Willis

  12. WACZ by Ed Summers, Ilya Kreymer and Cade Diehm

  13. Moving the End of Term Web Archive to the Cloud to Encourage Research Use and Reuse by Mark Phillips and Sawood Alam



Web archiving, Digital libraries