Virginia Cooperative Extension Agronomy Handbook 2023


Agronomy is a diverse science that focuses on the production of field crops and turfgrass. Specific disciplines that contribute to the successful production of crops include (but are not limited to) crop and variety or cultivar selection, seed science, soil management, nutrient management, soil ecology, pesticide usage, and postharvest handling of crops. This publication is intended to serve as a source of agronomic information to assist farmers and producers as well as students pursuing basic knowledge of agronomic practices. Pesticide and varietal recommendations change frequently and are, therefore, not included. This type of information is published annually in the Virginia Tech Pest Management Guides and commodity specific publications such as the Virginia Corn Hybrid and Management Trials. Contact your local Extension agent for a copy of the latest publication or visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension web page at For specific updates on crop production in Virginia, contact your local Extension agent for the latest information from the Virginia Agricultural Statistics Bulletin or contact the Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service in Richmond, Virginia, directly at (800) 928-5277, or at their website