The Frequency Monitor Network (FNET) Design and Situation Awareness Algorithm Development

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Virginia Tech

Wide Area Measurements (WAMs) have been widely used in the energy management system (EMS) of power system for monitoring, operation and control. In recent years, the advent of synchronized Phasor Measurements Unit (PMU) has added another dimension to the field of wide-area measurement. However, the high cost of the PMU, which includes the manufacture and deployment fee, is a hurdle to the wide use of the PMU in power systems. Unlike traditional PMUs, the frequency monitoring network (FNET) developed by the Virginia Tech Power IT lab is an Internet—based, GPS—synchronized, wide-area frequency monitoring network deployed at the distribution level, providing a low-cost and easily deployable WAMs solution. In this dissertation, the research work can be categorized into two parts: FNET Design and Situation Awareness Algorithm Development.

Recursive Discrete Fourier Transfer (RDFT), Event location estimation, FNET, Multiple Units based Frequency Deviation Detectio, Wide Area Measurement and Control (WAMC), Swing Equation, Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB)