Cyber-Physical Security for Advanced Manufacturing

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Virginia Tech

The increased growth of cyber-physical systems, controlling multiple production processes within the manufacturing industry, has led to an industry susceptible to cyber-physical attacks. Differing from traditional cyber-attacks in their ability to alter the physical world, cyber-physical attacks have been increasing in number since the early 2000's. To combat and ultimately prevent the malicious intent of such attacks, the field of cyber-physical security was launched. Cyber-physical security efforts can be seen across many industries that employ cyber-physical systems but little work has been done to secure manufacturing systems.

Through the completion of four research objectives, this work provides the foundation necessary to begin securing manufacturing systems from cyber-physical attacks. First, this work is motivated through the systematic review of literature surrounding the topic. This objective not only identifies and highlights the need for research efforts within the manufacturing industry, but also defines the research field. Second, a framework is developed to identify cyber-physical vulnerabilities within manufacturing systems. The framework is further developed into a tool allowing manufacturers to more easily identify the vulnerabilities that exist within their manufacturing systems. This tool will allow a manufacturer to utilize the developed framework and begin the steps necessary to secure the manufacturing industry. Finally, game theoretic models is applied to cyber-physical security in manufacturing to model the interactions between adversaries and defenders. The results of this work provide the manufacturing industry with the tools and motivation necessary to begin securing manufacturing facilities from malicious cyber-physical attacks and create a more resilient industry.

Cyber-physical, Industry4.0, Advanced Manufacturing