The Relationship Between School Facility Renovation and Student Achievement In Virginia High Schools

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Virginia Tech

This dissertation examined the possible influence a complete renovation of a school facility had on student achievement as measured by performance on the Standards of Learning (SOL) in the areas of End-of-Course (EOC) Algebra I and EOC Reading in high schools within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This study replicated a prior study that researched the possible influence the complete renovation process had on student achievement as measured by performance on the SOL in the areas of mathematics and reading at the eighth grade level in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

For this study, a quantitative descriptive research methodology was used to determine the possible influences the renovation process would have on student achievement. To conduct such research, SOL scores in the areas of EOC Algebra I and EOC Reading, from high schools in Virginia were used one year prior to the renovation, during the renovation, and one year after the renovation.

The Virginia Department of Education recorded 514 school construction projects during the period beginning with the 2004-2005 school year through the 2010-2011 school year. From these 514 projects, only 20 projects met the criteria of being high school construction projects having conducted a complete renovation.

In order to determine stability of the student population and the quality of teachers across the renovation period, an analysis of demographic variables was conducted. These variables included the percentage of minority students, socioeconomic status, and percentage of highly qualified teachers. No statistical significance between the variables over the course of the renovation was found establishing sameness of these variables.

ANOVAs and t-tests were conducted to analyze student achievement across the renovation periods. The findings of the 20 high schools identified as having conducted a complete renovation were not statistically significant when comparing the EOC Algebra I and EOC Reading student performance to each stage of the renovation process. However, a positive trend was indicated when findings revealed an increase in the mean scaled score of mathematics when comparing the pre-renovation stage to the post-renovation stage.

renovation, construction, school facilities, achievement, high school