Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of layered structure oxides

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A method of fabricating high quality layered structure oxide ferroelectric thin films. The deposition process is a chemical vapor deposition process involving chemical reaction between volatile metal organic compounds of various elements comprising the layered structure material to be deposited, with other gases in a reactor, to produce a nonvolatile solid that deposits on a suitably placed substrate such as a conducting, semiconducting, insulating, or complex integrated circuit substrate. The source materials for this process may include organometallic compounds such as alkyls, alkoxides, .beta.-diketonates or metallocenes of each individual element comprising the layered structure material to be deposited and oxygen. Preferably, the reactor in which the deposition is done is either a hot wall or a cold wall reactor and the vapors are introduced into this reactor either through a set of bubblers or through a direct liquid injection system. The ferroelectric films can be used for device applications such as in capacitors, dielectric resonators, heat sensors, transducers, actuators, nonvolatile memories, optical waveguides and displays.