2 kV, 0.7 mΩ·cm2 Vertical Ga2O3 Superjunction Schottky Rectifier with Dynamic Robustness


We report the first experimental demonstration of a vertical superjunction device in ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) Ga2O3. The device features 1.8 μm wide, 2×1017 cm-3 doped n-Ga2O3 pillars wrapped by the charge-balanced p-type nickel oxide (NiO). The sidewall NiO is sputtered through a novel self-align process. Benefitted from the high doping in Ga2O3, the superjunction Schottky barrier diode (SJ-SBD) achieves a ultra-low specific on-resistance (RON,SP) of 0.7 mΩ·cm2 with a low turn-on voltage of 1 V and high breakdown voltage (BV) of 2000 V. The RON,SP~BV trade-off is among the best in all WBG and UWBG power SBDs. The device also shows good thermal stability with BV > 1.8 kV at 175 oC. In the unclamped inductive switching tests, the device shows a dynamic BV of 2.2 kV and no degradation under 1.7 kV repetitive switching, verifying the fast acceptor depletion in NiO under dynamic switching. Such high-temperature and switching robustness are reported for the first time in a heterogeneous superjunction. These results show the great potential of UWBG superjunction power devices.