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  • I-Schools as a Natural Home for Digital Libraries Education
    Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2009-01-19)
    Given that digital libraries (DLs) bring together technology, information, and people who use information, it can easily be argued that i-schools should play a central role in educating DL professionals. This study examines the existing roles that i-schools play in DL education from two different vantage points: their offering of DL courses and their participation in a DL curriculum development project. In addition, we explore the potential to expand the iSchools Caucus by recruiting those schools that a reactive in DL education efforts (i.e., those that offer courses or participate in curriculum development) but are not yet members of the Caucus. DL courses in the i-schools were further analyzed, in terms of the topics covered, the textbooks used, and the types of assignments used. This analysis was based on the seven course syllabi available on the open Web.
  • Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (CTRnet)
    Fox, Edward A. (2009-09-14)
    This poster provides an overview of the Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network (CTRnet). The objectives of CTRnet are to build a digital library and preserve information (in various formats like HTML, images, videos, etc.) relating to all kinds of community crises and tragedies, as well as to integrate communities, content, and services relating to CTR.
  • Open Archives Work at Virginia Tech
    Suleman, Hussein (2000-06-01)
    This presentation describes the Open Archives Initiative, projects such as the Computer Science Teaching Center and the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), the MARIAN catalog, and the organizational and technical issues associated with open archiving.
  • The World According to MARIAN: How the Document Universe is Represented and Searched in the MARIAN/ Academy Digital Library Search System
    France, Robert K. (1999-09-27)
    This presentation focuses on MARIAN (Multiple Access Retrieval of library Information with ANotations), an online library catalog information system. MARIAN is intended for library end-users rather than catalogers, provides controlled search by author, subject entry, and imprint; keyword search by title, subject, and other MARC text fields; feedback, locating the closest books to a relevant book or books; and user annotations of books.
  • Extending Interoperability of Digital Libraries: Building on the Open Archives Initiative
    ACM Conference on Digital Libraries (2000-06-03)
    This document describes the proceedings of the 2000 ACM DL OAI Workshop. Workshop topics include technical issues, Virginia Tech's report on open archives work, and highlights of the Santa Fe Convention.
  • The Making of Leork: The Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra
    Bukvic, Ivica Ico; Matthews, Michael; Renfro, Maya; Wood, Andrew (2009)
    This poster describes the making of Leork, the Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra. The challenge of the project was to assemble a laptop orchestra using open source software, create self-constructed speakers, and obtain netbooks for a minimal cost. The project goals were to design and build a website, build hemispherical speakers, and construct software patches in Pure Data. At the project's conclusion, 16 hemispherical speakers were built, a website was developed and made available at, and all software patches were completed.
  • Lumen Waether: Weather Information Service for LumenHaus
    Irvin-Williams, Erik J.; Gatling, Tavon D.; Gracanin, Denis (2009)
    This poster describes LumenWaether, the weather information service for LumenHaus. The poster presents the idea that mobile phones can be used as the master control device to provide integrated monitoring and control of solar houses. It also provides information on user studies, implementations, and future works.
  • Enforcing Interoperability with the Open Archives Initiative Repository Explorer
    Suleman, Hussein (2001-06-24)
    This presentation gives an overview of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), protocol validation procedures, interactive browsing, and the OAI repository explorer tool.
  • Emergency Informatics and Digital Libraries: Workshop for JCDL 2012
    Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2012-06-01)
    There is growing global awareness of the need for information in connection with emergencies, crises, tragedies, disasters, and related recovery activities. Yet, there is little integration of the diverse types of related information, minimal connection with the digital library community, and almost no awareness of the need for related digital library research and development. This workshop will bring together key stakeholders from the many agencies and organizations in the area, as well as researchers with interdisciplinary perspectives, to explore these opportunities with those in the DL community who are interested. This will build upon work on the NSF-funded Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network ( DL project, and its collaboration with the Internet Archive, to identify, capture, preserve, and make accessible information about worldwide natural and manmade disasters as they occur. The CTRnet team will help with accomplishing the objectives listed below, ensuring a permanent record of findings and information shared during or after the meeting.
  • The Variety of Ways in Which Instructors Implement a Modular Digital Library Curriculum
    Wildemuth, Barbara M.; Pomerantz, Jeffrey P.; Oh, Sanghee; Yang, Seungwon; Fox, Edward A. (2009-05-14)
    This poster illustrates how information professionals can implement a modular digital library curriculum. It discusses instructors' perspectives on digital library syllabi, assignments, readings, and overall course content. This project builds upon a collaboration between Virginia Tech and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, funded by the National Science Foundation through grants NSF IIS-0535057 (to Virginia Tech) and IIS-0535060 (to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).
  • MARIAN Searchers
    Virginia Tech. Digital Library Research Laboratory (1999-10-13)
    A searcher in MARIAN is a class manager that can map abstract descriptions into weighted sets of matching class instances. This presentation focuses on linked-based, class-based, node-based, and context-based searchers.
  • Building Interoperable Digital Libraries: A Practical Guide to Creating Open Archives
    Suleman, Hussein (2001)
    This presentation discusses the development of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), metadata harvesting, digital library interoperability, the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), and more.
  • Opening Remarks and Historical Overview
    Fox, Edward A. (2001-09-13)
    This presentation introduces the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and discusses the OAI philosophy, repository perspective, and the future of open archiving.
  • Introduction to the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, Version 2.0
    Suleman, Hussein (2002-06-17)
    This presentation provides an overview of version 2 of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). It discusses new OAI-PMH features such as single schema, ListIdentifier changes, and improved granularity of harvesting.
  • Opening Remarks and Historical Overview Part B
    Fox, Edward A. (2001-09-13)
    This presentation introduces the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and discusses OAI tools such as the RE Automatic Test Suite, RE Browsing, and ARC.
  • Using the Repository Explorer to Archive OAI Protocol Compliance
    Suleman, Hussein (2001-06-24)
    The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) is dedicated to solving problems of digital library interoperability by defining simple protocols, most recently the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting [2], which was unveiled in January 2001. To support the adoption of this new interoperability technology, we have developed the Repository Explorer [1], a web-based tool to enforce compliance to the same interpretation of the protocol by the various different server implementations. This demonstration will show how the Repository Explorer can be used to perform either user-driven browsing or automatic testing of an implementation of the protocol.
  • Introduction to the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol
    Suleman, Hussein (2001-09-13)
    This presentation describes the OAI-MHP (Open Archives Initiative - Metadata Harvesting Protocol), federated library services and searching, and other digital library tools and protocols.
  • Building Interoperable Digital Libraries: A Practical Guide to Creating Open Archives
    Suleman, Hussein (2002)
    This presentation focuses on the system architecture and history of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). It discusses OAI case studies and the requirements to be an OAI data provider.
  • Co-located Collaboration on a Large, High-Resolution Display
    Vogt, Katherine; North, Christopher L.; Andrews, Christopher; Endert, Alex (2010)
    Few have studied co-located collaboration, let alone co-located collaboration and the sensemaking process. Here, we define co-located collaboration as multiple users working on the same display. Intelligence analysts often must filter through massive amounts of data which may contain large portions of text. As the benefits of collaboration [1] and large displays [2] have aheady separately proven themselves, we chose to examine the sensemaking process when these two aspects are combined. The environment we created also included multiple penwwl input devices to create a multiuser workspace. By observing the user roles adopted, collaborative processes, organization of the space, and perceived ownership or sharing of territory on the display. We hope to contribute valuable insight into the design implications of software.
  • Open Archiving @ Virginia Tech
    Suleman, Hussein (2001-01-23)
    This presentation discusses why Virginia Tech is involved in the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), as well as OAI compliance, OAI technical requirements, and more.