Recent Submissions

  • Prospective pre- and post-race evaluation of biochemical, electrophysiologic, and echocardiographic indices in 30 racing thoroughbred horses that received furosemide 

    Gunther-Harrington, Catherine T; Arthur, Rick; Estell, Krista; Martinez Lopez, Beatriz; Sinnott, Alexandra; Ontiveros, Eric; Varga, Anita; Stern, Joshua A (2018-01-18)
    Abstract Background Exercise induced cardiac fatigue (EICF) and cardiac dysrhythmias are well described conditions identified in high-level human athletes that increase in ...
  • Paramorphic multicarrier communications for interference mitigation 

    Carrick, Matt; Reed, Jeffrey H.; Spooner, Chad M (2018-01-05)
    Abstract This paper presents a novel method for enabling communication in cyclostationary interference limited environments by adaptively inserting and exploiting spectral redundancy in an orthogonal frequency ...
  • A clinical series using intensive neurorehabilitation to promote functional motor and cognitive skills in three girls with CASK mutation 

    DeLuca, Stephanie C; Wallace, Dory A; Trucks, Mary R; Mukherjee, Konark (2017-12-19)
    Abstract Objectives Children with microcephaly face lifelong psychomotor, cognitive, and communications skills disabilities. Etiology of microcephaly is heterogeneous but ...
  • Identification of regulatory modules in genome scale transcription regulatory networks 

    Song, Qi; Grene, Ruth; Heath, Lenwood S; Li, Song (2017-12-15)
    Abstract Background In gene regulatory networks, transcription factors often function as co-regulators to synergistically induce or inhibit expression of their target genes. ...
  • Ground-based instruments of the PWING project to investigate dynamics of the inner magnetosphere at subauroral latitudes as a part of the ERG-ground coordinated observation network 

    Shiokawa, Kazuo; Katoh, Yasuo; Hamaguchi, Yoshiyuki; Yamamoto, Yuka; Adachi, Takumi; Ozaki, Mitsunori; Oyama, Shin-Ichiro; Nosé, Masahito; Nagatsuma, Tsutomu; Tanaka, Yoshimasa; Otsuka, Yuichi; Miyoshi, Yoshizumi; Kataoka, Ryuho; Takagi, Yuki; Takeshita, Yuhei; Shinbori, Atsuki; Kurita, Satoshi; Hori, Tomoaki; Nishitani, Nozomu; Shinohara, Iku; Tsuchiya, Fuminori; Obana, Yuki; Suzuki, Shin; Takahashi, Naoko; Seki, Kanako; Kadokura, Akira; Hosokawa, Keisuke; Ogawa, Yasunobu; Connors, Martin; Michael Ruohoniemi, J.; Engebretson, Mark; Turunen, Esa; Ulich, Thomas; Manninen, Jyrki; Raita, Tero; Kero, Antti; Oksanen, Arto; Back, Marko; Kauristie, Kirsti; Mattanen, Jyrki; Baishev, Dmitry; Kurkin, Vladimir; Oinats, Alexey; Pashinin, Alexander; Vasilyev, Roman; Rakhmatulin, Ravil; Bristow, William; Karjala, Marty (2017-11-28)
    Abstract The plasmas (electrons and ions) in the inner magnetosphere have wide energy ranges from electron volts to mega-electron volts (MeV). These plasmas rotate around the Earth longitudinally due to the ...
  • A structural equation model looking at student’s participatory behavior and their success in Calculus I 

    Keller, Rachel E; Johnson, Estrella; DeShong, Steven (2017-11-10)
    Abstract Background Government projections in the USA indicate that the country will need a million more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates ...
  • Using written work to investigate stages in sixth-grade students’ construction and coordination of units 

    Ulrich, Catherine; Wilkins, Jesse L M (2017-10-24)
    Abstract Background Students’ ability to construct and coordinate units has been found to have far-reaching implications for their ability to develop sophisticated understandings ...
  • RNA sequencing and proteomics approaches reveal novel deficits in the cortex of Mecp2-deficient mice, a model for Rett syndrome 

    Pacheco, Natasha L; Heaven, Michael R; Holt, Leanne M; Crossman, David K; Boggio, Kristin J; Shaffer, Scott A; Flint, Daniel L; Olsen, Michelle L (2017-10-24)
    Abstract Background Rett syndrome (RTT) is an X-linked neurodevelopmental disorder caused by mutations in the transcriptional regulator MeCP2. Much of our understanding of ...
  • Improving somatic variant identification through integration of genome and exome data 

    Vijayan, Vinaya; Yiu, Siu-Ming; Zhang, Liqing (2017-10-16)
  • Interactive effects of temperature, organic carbon, and pipe material on microbiota composition and Legionella pneumophila in hot water plumbing systems 

    Proctor, Caitlin R; Dai, Dongjuan; Edwards, Marc A; Pruden, Amy (2017-10-04)
    Abstract Background Several biotic and abiotic factors have been reported to influence the proliferation of microbes, including Legionella pneumophila, in hot water premise ...
  • In vitro susceptibility of Borrelia burgdorferi isolates to three antibiotics commonly used for treating equine Lyme disease 

    Caol, Sanjie; Divers, Thomas; Crisman, Mark; Chang, Yung-Fu (2017-09-29)
    Abstract Background Lyme disease in humans is predominantly treated with tetracycline, macrolides or beta lactam antibiotics that have low minimum inhibitory concentrations ...
  • Development and validation of a house finch interleukin-1β (HfIL-1β) ELISA system 

    Kim, Sungwon; Park, Myeongseon; Leon, Ariel E; Adelman, James S; Hawley, Dana M; Dalloul, Rami A (2017-08-30)
    Abstract Background A unique clade of the bacterium Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG), which causes chronic respiratory disease in poultry, has resulted in annual epidemics of ...
  • Natural variation in stress response gene activity in the allopolyploid Arabidopsis suecica 

    Carlson, Keisha D; Fernandez-Pozo, Noe; Bombarely, Aureliano; Pisupati, Rahul; Mueller, Lukas A; Madlung, Andreas (2017-08-23)
    Abstract Background Allopolyploids contain genomes composed of more than two complete sets of chromosomes that originate from at least two species. Allopolyploidy has been ...
  • Spreading activation in nonverbal memory networks 

    Foster, Paul S; Wakefield, Candias; Pryjmak, Scott; Roosa, Katelyn M; Branch, Kaylei K; Drago, Valeria; Harrison, David W; Ruff, Ronald (2016-11-28)
    Abstract Theories of spreading activation primarily involve semantic memory networks. However, the existence of separate verbal and visuospatial memory networks suggests that spreading activation may also ...
  • A case of stiff dog syndrome associated with anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies 

    Pancotto, Theresa E; Rossmeisl, John H (2017-05-10)
    Abstract Background The stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a rare and debilitating autoimmune disorder with an unknown pathogenesis and variable clinical presentation that can ...
  • Ecotone response to climatic variability depends on stress gradient interactions 

    Malanson, George P; Resler, Lynn M; Tomback, Diana F (2017-01-19)
    Abstract Background Variability added to directional climate change could have consequences for ecotone community responses, or positive and negative variations could balance. ...
  • The effects of dietary macronutrient composition on lipid metabolism-associated factor gene expression in the adipose tissue of chickens are influenced by fasting and refeeding 

    Wang, Guoqing; McConn, Betty R; Liu, Dongmin; Cline, Mark A; Gilbert, Elizabeth R (2017-05-10)
    Abstract Background Broiler chickens are compulsive feeders that become obese as juveniles and are thus a unique model for metabolic disorders in humans. However, little is ...
  • Informing the development and uptake of a weight management intervention for preconception: a mixed-methods investigation of patient and provider perceptions 

    Harden, Samantha M.; Ramalingam, NithyaPriya S.; Wilson, Kathryn E.; Evans-Hoeker, Emily (2017-02-06)
    Background It is recommended for women to have a healthy body mass index before conception. However, there is limited research on appropriate preconception interventions for weight loss. Furthermore, there ...
  • 5th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound 

    Zaaroor, Menashe; Sinai, Alon; Goldsher, Dorit; Eran, Ayelet; Nassar, Maria; Schlesinger, Ilana; Parker, Jonathon; Ravikumar, Vinod; Ghanouni, Pejman; Stein, Sherman; Halpern, Casey; Krishna, Vibhor; Hargrove, Amelia; Agrawal, Punit; Changizi, Barbara; Bourekas, Eric; Knopp, Michael; Rezai, Ali; Mead, Brian; Kim, Namho; Mastorakos, Panagiotis; Suk, Jung S; Miller, Wilson; Klibanov, Alexander; Hanes, Justin; Price, Richard; Wang, Shutao; Olumolade, Oluyemi; Kugelman, Tara; Jackson-Lewis, Vernice; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Han, Yang; Przedborski, Serge; Konofagou, Elisa; Hynynen, Kullervo; Aubert, Isabelle; Leinenga, Gerhard; Nisbet, Rebecca; Hatch, Robert; Van der Jeugd, Anneke; Evans, Harrison; Götz, Jürgen; Götz, Jürgen; Nisbet, Rebecca; Van der Jeugd, Ann; Evans, Harrison; Leinenga, Gerhard; Fishman, Paul; Yarowsky, Paul; Frenkel, Victor; Wei-Bin, Shen; Nguyen, Ben; Sanchez, Carlos S; Acosta, Camilo; Chen, Cherry; Wu, Shih-Ying; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Konofagou, Elisa; Aryal, Muna; Papademetriou, Iason T; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Power, Chanikarn; McDannold, Nathan; Porter, Tyrone; Kovacs, Zsofia; Kim, Saejeong; Jikaria, Neekita; Qureshi, Farhan; Bresler, Michele; Frank, Joseph; Odéen, Henrik; Chiou, George; Snell, John; Todd, Nick; Madore, Bruno; Parker, Dennis; Pauly, Kim B; Marx, Mike; Ghanouni, Pejman; Jonathan, Sumeeth; Grissom, William; Arvanitis, Costas; McDannold, Nathan; Clement, Gregory; Parker, Dennis; de Bever, Joshua; Odéen, Henrik; Payne, Allison; Christensen, Douglas; Maimbourg, Guillaume; Santin, Mathieu D; Houdouin, Alexandre; Lehericy, Stéphane; Tanter, Mickael; Aubry, Jean F; Pauly, Kim B; Federau, Christian; Werner, Beat; Halpern, Casey; Ghanouni, Pejman; Paeng, Dong-Guk; Xu, Zhiyuan; Snell, John; Quigg, Anders; Eames, Matt; Jin, Changzhu; Everstine, Ashli; Sheehan, Jason; Lopes, M. B; Kassell, Neal; Snell, John; Quigg, Anders; Drake, James; Price, Karl; Lustgarten, Lior; Sin, Vivian; Mougenot, Charles; Donner, Elizabeth; Tam, Emily; Hodaie, Mojgan; Waspe, Adam; Looi, Thomas; Pichardo, Samuel; Lee, Wonhye; Chung, Yong A; Jung, Yujin; Song, In-Uk; Yoo, Seung-Schik; Lee, Wonhye; Kim, Hyun-Chul; Jung, Yujin; Chung, Yong A; Song, In-Uk; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Yoo, Seung-Schik; Caskey, Charles; Zinke, Wolf; Cosman, Josh; Shuman, Jillian; Schall, Jeffrey; Aurup, Christian; Wang, Shutao; Chen, Hong; Acosta, Camilo; Konofagou, Elisa; Kamimura, Hermes; Carneiro, Antonio; Todd, Nick; Sun, Tao; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Power, Chanikarn; Nazai, Navid; Patz, Sam; Livingstone, Margaret; McDannold, Nathan; Mainprize, Todd; Huang, Yuexi; Alkins, Ryan; Chapman, Martin; Perry, James; Lipsman, Nir; Bethune, Allison; Sahgal, Arjun; Trudeau, Maureen; Hynynen, Kullervo; Liu, Hao-Li; Hsu, Po-Hung; Wei, Kuo-Chen; Sun, Tao; Power, Chanikarn; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Sutton, Jonathan; Alexander, Phillip; Aryal, Muna; Miller, Eric; McDannold, Nathan; Kobus, Thiele; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; McDannold, Nathan; Carpentier, Alexandre; Canney, Michael; Vignot, Alexandre; Beccaria, Kevin; Leclercq, Delphine; Lafon, Cyril; Chapelon, Jean Y; Hoang-Xuan, Khe; Delattre, Jean-Yves; Idbaih, Ahmed; Xu, Zhiyuan; Moore, David; Xu, Alexis; Schmitt, Paul; Snell, John; Foley, Jessica; Eames, Matt; Sheehan, Jason; Kassell, Neal; Sukovich, Jonathan; Cain, Charles; Xu, Zhiyuan; Pandey, Aditya; Snell, John; Chaudhary, Neeraj; Camelo-Piragua, Sandra; Allen, Steven; Paeng, Dong-Guk; Cannata, Jon; Teofilovic, Dejan; Bertolina, Jim; Kassell, Neal; Hall, Timothy; Xu, Zhen; Wu, Shih-Ying; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Grondin, Julien; Sanchez, Carlos S; Ferrera, Vincent; Konofagou, Elisa; ter Haar, Gail; Mouratidis, Petros; Repasky, Elizabeth; Timbie, Kelsie; Badr, Lena; Campbell, Benjamin; McMichael, John; Buckner, Andrew; Prince, Jessica; Stevens, Aaron; Bullock, Timothy; Price, Richard; Skalina, Karin; Guha, Chandan; Orsi, Franco; Bonomo, Guido; Vigna, Paolo D; Mauri, Giovanni; Varano, Gianluca; Schade, George; Wang, Yak-Nam; Pillarisetty, Venu; Hwang, Joo H; Khokhlova, Vera; Bailey, Michael; Khokhlova, Tatiana; Khokhlova, Vera; Sinilshchikov, Ilya; Yuldashev, Petr; Andriyakhina, Yulia; Kreider, Wayne; Maxwell, Adam; Khokhlova, Tatiana; Sapozhnikov, Oleg; Partanen, Ari; Lundt, Jonathan; Allen, Steven; Sukovich, Jonathan; Hall, Timothy; Cain, Charles; Xu, Zhen; Preusser, Tobias; Haase, Sabrina; Bezzi, Mario; Jenne, Jürgen; Langø, Thomas; Midiri, Massimo; Mueller, Michael; Sat, Giora; Tanner, Christine; Zangos, Stephan; Guenther, Matthias; Melzer, Andreas; Menciassi, Arianna; Tognarelli, Selene; Cafarelli, Andrea; Diodato, Alessandro; Ciuti, Gastone; Rothluebbers, Sven; Schwaab, Julia; Strehlow, Jan; Mihcin, Senay; Tanner, Christine; Tretbar, Steffen; Preusser, Tobias; Guenther, Matthias; Jenne, Jürgen; Payen, Thomas; Palermo, Carmine; Sastra, Steve; Chen, Hong; Han, Yang; Olive, Kenneth; Konofagou, Elisa; Adams, Matthew; Salgaonkar, Vasant; Scott, Serena; Sommer, Graham; Diederich, Chris; Vidal-Jove, Joan; Perich, Eloi; Ruiz, Antonio; Velat, Manuela; Melodelima, David; Dupre, Aurelien; Vincenot, Jeremy; Yao, Chen; Perol, David; Rivoire, Michel; Tucci, Samantha; Mahakian, Lisa; Fite, Brett; Ingham, Elizabeth; Tam, Sarah; Hwang, Chang-il; Tuveson, David; Ferrara, Katherine; Scionti, Stephen; Chen, Lili; Cvetkovic, Dusica; Chen, Xiaoming; Gupta, Roohi; Wang, Bin; Ma, Charlie; Bader, Kenneth; Haworth, Kevin; Maxwell, Adam; Holland, Christy; Sanghvi, Narendra; Carlson, Roy; Chen, Wohsing; Chaussy, Christian; Thueroff, Stefan; Cesana, Claudio; Bellorofonte, Carlo; Wang, Qingguo; Wang, Han; Wang, Shengping; Zhang, Junhai; Bazzocchi, Alberto; Napoli, Alessandro; Staruch, Robert; Bing, Chenchen; Shaikh, Sumbul; Nofiele, Joris; Szczepanski, Debra; Staruch, Michelle W; Williams, Noelle; Laetsch, Theodore; Chopra, Rajiv; Ghanouni, Pejman; Rosenberg, Jarrett; Bitton, Rachelle; Napoli, Alessandro; LeBlang, Suzanne; Meyer, Joshua; Hurwitz, Mark; Pauly, Kim B; Partanen, Ari; Yarmolenko, Pavel; Partanen, Ari; Celik, Haydar; Eranki, Avinash; Beskin, Viktoriya; Santos, Domiciano; Patel, Janish; Oetgen, Matthew; Kim, AeRang; Kim, Peter; Sharma, Karun; Chisholm, Alexander; Drake, James; Aleman, Dionne; Waspe, Adam; Looi, Thomas; Pichardo, Samuel; Napoli, Alessandro; Bazzocchi, Alberto; Scipione, Roberto; Temple, Michael; Waspe, Adam; Amaral, Joao G; Huang, Yuexi; Endre, Ruby; Lamberti-Pasculli, Maria; de Ruiter, Joost; Campbell, Fiona; Stimec, Jennifer; Gupta, Samit; Singh, Manoj; Mougenot, Charles; Hopyan, Sevan; Hynynen, Kullervo; Czarnota, Gregory; Drake, James; Brenin, David; Rochman, Carrie; Kovatcheva, Roussanka; Vlahov, Jordan; Zaletel, Katja; Stoinov, Julian; Han, Yang; Wang, Shutao; Konofagou, Elisa; Bucknor, Matthew; Rieke, Viola; Shim, Jenny; Staruch, Robert; Koral, Korgun; Chopra, Rajiv; Laetsch, Theodore; Lang, Brian; Wong, Carlos; Lam, Heather; Kovatcheva, Roussanka; Vlahov, Jordan; Zaletel, Katja; Stoinov, Julian; Shinkov, Alexander; 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Wright, Mike; Amrahli, Maral; So, Po-Wah; Gedroyc, Wladyslaw; Centelles, Miguell; Wright, Mike; Gedroyc, Wladyslaw; Thanou, Maya; Kneepkens, Esther; Heijman, Edwin; Keupp, Jochen; Weiss, Steffen; Nicolay, Klaas; Grüll, Holger; Fite, Brett; Wong, Andrew; Liu, Yu; Kheirolomoom, Azadeh; Mahakian, Lisa; Tam, Sarah; Foiret, Josquin; Ferrara, Katherine; Burks, Scott; Nagle, Matthew; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Sapozhnikov, Oleg; Nikolaeva, Anastasia V; Terzi, Marina E; Tsysar, Sergey A; Maxwell, Adam; Cunitz, Bryan; Bailey, Michael; Mourad, Pierre; Downs, Matthew; Yang, Georgiana; Wang, Qi; Konofagou, Elisa; Burks, Scott; Nagle, Matthew; Nguyen, Ben; Bresler, Michele; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Burks, Scott; Nagle, Matthew; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Chen, Johnny; Farry, Justin; Dixon, Adam; Du, Zhongmin; Dhanaliwala, Ali; Hossack, John; Klibanov, Alexander; Ranjan, Ashish; Maples, Danny; Chopra, Rajiv; Bing, Chenchen; Staruch, Robert; Wardlow, Rachel; Staruch, Michelle W; Malayer, Jerry; Ramachandran, Akhilesh; Nofiele, Joris; Namba, Hirofumi; Kawasaki, Motohiro; Izumi, Masashi; Kiyasu, Katsuhito; Takemasa, Ryuichi; Ikeuchi, Masahiko; Ushida, Takahiro; Crake, Calum; Papademetriou, Iason T; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Porter, Tyrone; McDannold, Nathan; Kothapalli, Satya V V N; Leighton, Wan; Wang, Zhaorui; Partanen, Ari; Gach, H. 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  • Formula diet driven microbiota shifts tryptophan metabolism from serotonin to tryptamine in neonatal porcine colon 

    Saraf, Manish K; Piccolo, Brian D; Bowlin, Anne K; Mercer, Kelly E; LeRoith, Tanya; Chintapalli, Sree V; Shankar, Kartik; Badger, Thomas M; Yeruva, Laxmi (2017-07-14)
    Abstract Background The gut microbiota of breast-fed and formula-fed infants differ significantly, as do the risks for allergies, gut dysfunction, and upper respiratory tract ...

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