Recent Submissions

  • A structural equation model looking at student’s participatory behavior and their success in Calculus I 

    Keller, Rachel E; Johnson, Estrella; DeShong, Steven (2017-11-10)
    Abstract Background Government projections in the USA indicate that the country will need a million more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates ...
  • Using written work to investigate stages in sixth-grade students’ construction and coordination of units 

    Ulrich, Catherine; Wilkins, Jesse L M (2017-10-24)
    Abstract Background Students’ ability to construct and coordinate units has been found to have far-reaching implications for their ability to develop sophisticated understandings ...
  • RNA sequencing and proteomics approaches reveal novel deficits in the cortex of Mecp2-deficient mice, a model for Rett syndrome 

    Pacheco, Natasha L; Heaven, Michael R; Holt, Leanne M; Crossman, David K; Boggio, Kristin J; Shaffer, Scott A; Flint, Daniel L; Olsen, Michelle L (2017-10-24)
    Abstract Background Rett syndrome (RTT) is an X-linked neurodevelopmental disorder caused by mutations in the transcriptional regulator MeCP2. Much of our understanding of ...
  • Improving somatic variant identification through integration of genome and exome data 

    Vijayan, Vinaya; Yiu, Siu-Ming; Zhang, Liqing (2017-10-16)
  • Interactive effects of temperature, organic carbon, and pipe material on microbiota composition and Legionella pneumophila in hot water plumbing systems 

    Proctor, Caitlin R; Dai, Dongjuan; Edwards, Marc A; Pruden, Amy (2017-10-04)
    Abstract Background Several biotic and abiotic factors have been reported to influence the proliferation of microbes, including Legionella pneumophila, in hot water premise ...
  • In vitro susceptibility of Borrelia burgdorferi isolates to three antibiotics commonly used for treating equine Lyme disease 

    Caol, Sanjie; Divers, Thomas; Crisman, Mark; Chang, Yung-Fu (2017-09-29)
    Abstract Background Lyme disease in humans is predominantly treated with tetracycline, macrolides or beta lactam antibiotics that have low minimum inhibitory concentrations ...
  • Development and validation of a house finch interleukin-1β (HfIL-1β) ELISA system 

    Kim, Sungwon; Park, Myeongseon; Leon, Ariel E; Adelman, James S; Hawley, Dana M; Dalloul, Rami A (2017-08-30)
    Abstract Background A unique clade of the bacterium Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG), which causes chronic respiratory disease in poultry, has resulted in annual epidemics of ...
  • Natural variation in stress response gene activity in the allopolyploid Arabidopsis suecica 

    Carlson, Keisha D; Fernandez-Pozo, Noe; Bombarely, Aureliano; Pisupati, Rahul; Mueller, Lukas A; Madlung, Andreas (2017-08-23)
    Abstract Background Allopolyploids contain genomes composed of more than two complete sets of chromosomes that originate from at least two species. Allopolyploidy has been ...
  • Spreading activation in nonverbal memory networks 

    Foster, Paul S; Wakefield, Candias; Pryjmak, Scott; Roosa, Katelyn M; Branch, Kaylei K; Drago, Valeria; Harrison, David W; Ruff, Ronald (2016-11-28)
    Abstract Theories of spreading activation primarily involve semantic memory networks. However, the existence of separate verbal and visuospatial memory networks suggests that spreading activation may also ...
  • A case of stiff dog syndrome associated with anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies 

    Pancotto, Theresa E; Rossmeisl, John H (2017-05-10)
    Abstract Background The stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a rare and debilitating autoimmune disorder with an unknown pathogenesis and variable clinical presentation that can ...
  • Ecotone response to climatic variability depends on stress gradient interactions 

    Malanson, George P; Resler, Lynn M; Tomback, Diana F (2017-01-19)
    Abstract Background Variability added to directional climate change could have consequences for ecotone community responses, or positive and negative variations could balance. ...
  • The effects of dietary macronutrient composition on lipid metabolism-associated factor gene expression in the adipose tissue of chickens are influenced by fasting and refeeding 

    Wang, Guoqing; McConn, Betty R; Liu, Dongmin; Cline, Mark A; Gilbert, Elizabeth R (2017-05-10)
    Abstract Background Broiler chickens are compulsive feeders that become obese as juveniles and are thus a unique model for metabolic disorders in humans. However, little is ...
  • Informing the development and uptake of a weight management intervention for preconception: a mixed-methods investigation of patient and provider perceptions 

    Harden, Samantha M.; Ramalingam, NithyaPriya S.; Wilson, Kathryn E.; Evans-Hoeker, Emily (2017-02-06)
    Background It is recommended for women to have a healthy body mass index before conception. However, there is limited research on appropriate preconception interventions for weight loss. Furthermore, there ...
  • 5th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound 

    Zaaroor, Menashe; Sinai, Alon; Goldsher, Dorit; Eran, Ayelet; Nassar, Maria; Schlesinger, Ilana; Parker, Jonathon; Ravikumar, Vinod; Ghanouni, Pejman; Stein, Sherman; Halpern, Casey; Krishna, Vibhor; Hargrove, Amelia; Agrawal, Punit; Changizi, Barbara; Bourekas, Eric; Knopp, Michael; Rezai, Ali; Mead, Brian; Kim, Namho; Mastorakos, Panagiotis; Suk, Jung S; Miller, Wilson; Klibanov, Alexander; Hanes, Justin; Price, Richard; Wang, Shutao; Olumolade, Oluyemi; Kugelman, Tara; Jackson-Lewis, Vernice; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Han, Yang; Przedborski, Serge; Konofagou, Elisa; Hynynen, Kullervo; Aubert, Isabelle; Leinenga, Gerhard; Nisbet, Rebecca; Hatch, Robert; Van der Jeugd, Anneke; Evans, Harrison; Götz, Jürgen; Götz, Jürgen; Nisbet, Rebecca; Van der Jeugd, Ann; Evans, Harrison; Leinenga, Gerhard; Fishman, Paul; Yarowsky, Paul; Frenkel, Victor; Wei-Bin, Shen; Nguyen, Ben; Sanchez, Carlos S; Acosta, Camilo; Chen, Cherry; Wu, Shih-Ying; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Konofagou, Elisa; Aryal, Muna; Papademetriou, Iason T; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Power, Chanikarn; McDannold, Nathan; Porter, Tyrone; Kovacs, Zsofia; Kim, Saejeong; Jikaria, Neekita; Qureshi, Farhan; Bresler, Michele; Frank, Joseph; Odéen, Henrik; Chiou, George; Snell, John; Todd, Nick; Madore, Bruno; Parker, Dennis; Pauly, Kim B; Marx, Mike; Ghanouni, Pejman; Jonathan, Sumeeth; Grissom, William; Arvanitis, Costas; McDannold, Nathan; Clement, Gregory; Parker, Dennis; de Bever, Joshua; Odéen, Henrik; Payne, Allison; Christensen, Douglas; Maimbourg, Guillaume; Santin, Mathieu D; Houdouin, Alexandre; Lehericy, Stéphane; Tanter, Mickael; Aubry, Jean F; Pauly, Kim B; Federau, Christian; Werner, Beat; Halpern, Casey; Ghanouni, Pejman; Paeng, Dong-Guk; Xu, Zhiyuan; Snell, John; Quigg, Anders; Eames, Matt; Jin, Changzhu; Everstine, Ashli; Sheehan, Jason; Lopes, M. B; Kassell, Neal; Snell, John; Quigg, Anders; Drake, James; Price, Karl; Lustgarten, Lior; Sin, Vivian; Mougenot, Charles; Donner, Elizabeth; Tam, Emily; Hodaie, Mojgan; Waspe, Adam; Looi, Thomas; Pichardo, Samuel; Lee, Wonhye; Chung, Yong A; Jung, Yujin; Song, In-Uk; Yoo, Seung-Schik; Lee, Wonhye; Kim, Hyun-Chul; Jung, Yujin; Chung, Yong A; Song, In-Uk; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Yoo, Seung-Schik; Caskey, Charles; Zinke, Wolf; Cosman, Josh; Shuman, Jillian; Schall, Jeffrey; Aurup, Christian; Wang, Shutao; Chen, Hong; Acosta, Camilo; Konofagou, Elisa; Kamimura, Hermes; Carneiro, Antonio; Todd, Nick; Sun, Tao; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Power, Chanikarn; Nazai, Navid; Patz, Sam; Livingstone, Margaret; McDannold, Nathan; Mainprize, Todd; Huang, Yuexi; Alkins, Ryan; Chapman, Martin; Perry, James; Lipsman, Nir; Bethune, Allison; Sahgal, Arjun; Trudeau, Maureen; Hynynen, Kullervo; Liu, Hao-Li; Hsu, Po-Hung; Wei, Kuo-Chen; Sun, Tao; Power, Chanikarn; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Sutton, Jonathan; Alexander, Phillip; Aryal, Muna; Miller, Eric; McDannold, Nathan; Kobus, Thiele; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; McDannold, Nathan; Carpentier, Alexandre; Canney, Michael; Vignot, Alexandre; Beccaria, Kevin; Leclercq, Delphine; Lafon, Cyril; Chapelon, Jean Y; Hoang-Xuan, Khe; Delattre, Jean-Yves; Idbaih, Ahmed; Xu, Zhiyuan; Moore, David; Xu, Alexis; Schmitt, Paul; Snell, John; Foley, Jessica; Eames, Matt; Sheehan, Jason; Kassell, Neal; Sukovich, Jonathan; Cain, Charles; Xu, Zhiyuan; Pandey, Aditya; Snell, John; Chaudhary, Neeraj; Camelo-Piragua, Sandra; Allen, Steven; Paeng, Dong-Guk; Cannata, Jon; Teofilovic, Dejan; Bertolina, Jim; Kassell, Neal; Hall, Timothy; Xu, Zhen; Wu, Shih-Ying; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Grondin, Julien; Sanchez, Carlos S; Ferrera, Vincent; Konofagou, Elisa; ter Haar, Gail; Mouratidis, Petros; Repasky, Elizabeth; Timbie, Kelsie; Badr, Lena; Campbell, Benjamin; McMichael, John; Buckner, Andrew; Prince, Jessica; Stevens, Aaron; Bullock, Timothy; Price, Richard; Skalina, Karin; Guha, Chandan; Orsi, Franco; Bonomo, Guido; Vigna, Paolo D; Mauri, Giovanni; Varano, Gianluca; Schade, George; Wang, Yak-Nam; Pillarisetty, Venu; Hwang, Joo H; Khokhlova, Vera; Bailey, Michael; Khokhlova, Tatiana; Khokhlova, Vera; Sinilshchikov, Ilya; Yuldashev, Petr; Andriyakhina, Yulia; Kreider, Wayne; Maxwell, Adam; Khokhlova, Tatiana; Sapozhnikov, Oleg; Partanen, Ari; Lundt, Jonathan; Allen, Steven; Sukovich, Jonathan; Hall, Timothy; Cain, Charles; Xu, Zhen; Preusser, Tobias; Haase, Sabrina; Bezzi, Mario; Jenne, Jürgen; Langø, Thomas; Midiri, Massimo; Mueller, Michael; Sat, Giora; Tanner, Christine; Zangos, Stephan; Guenther, Matthias; Melzer, Andreas; Menciassi, Arianna; Tognarelli, Selene; Cafarelli, Andrea; Diodato, Alessandro; Ciuti, Gastone; Rothluebbers, Sven; Schwaab, Julia; Strehlow, Jan; Mihcin, Senay; Tanner, Christine; Tretbar, Steffen; Preusser, Tobias; Guenther, Matthias; Jenne, Jürgen; Payen, Thomas; Palermo, Carmine; Sastra, Steve; Chen, Hong; Han, Yang; Olive, Kenneth; Konofagou, Elisa; Adams, Matthew; Salgaonkar, Vasant; Scott, Serena; Sommer, Graham; Diederich, Chris; Vidal-Jove, Joan; Perich, Eloi; Ruiz, Antonio; Velat, Manuela; Melodelima, David; Dupre, Aurelien; Vincenot, Jeremy; Yao, Chen; Perol, David; Rivoire, Michel; Tucci, Samantha; Mahakian, Lisa; Fite, Brett; Ingham, Elizabeth; Tam, Sarah; Hwang, Chang-il; Tuveson, David; Ferrara, Katherine; Scionti, Stephen; Chen, Lili; Cvetkovic, Dusica; Chen, Xiaoming; Gupta, Roohi; Wang, Bin; Ma, Charlie; Bader, Kenneth; Haworth, Kevin; Maxwell, Adam; Holland, Christy; Sanghvi, Narendra; Carlson, Roy; Chen, Wohsing; Chaussy, Christian; Thueroff, Stefan; Cesana, Claudio; Bellorofonte, Carlo; Wang, Qingguo; Wang, Han; Wang, Shengping; Zhang, Junhai; Bazzocchi, Alberto; Napoli, Alessandro; Staruch, Robert; Bing, Chenchen; Shaikh, Sumbul; Nofiele, Joris; Szczepanski, Debra; Staruch, Michelle W; Williams, Noelle; Laetsch, Theodore; Chopra, Rajiv; Ghanouni, Pejman; Rosenberg, Jarrett; Bitton, Rachelle; Napoli, Alessandro; LeBlang, Suzanne; Meyer, Joshua; Hurwitz, Mark; Pauly, Kim B; Partanen, Ari; Yarmolenko, Pavel; Partanen, Ari; Celik, Haydar; Eranki, Avinash; Beskin, Viktoriya; Santos, Domiciano; Patel, Janish; Oetgen, Matthew; Kim, AeRang; Kim, Peter; Sharma, Karun; Chisholm, Alexander; Drake, James; Aleman, Dionne; Waspe, Adam; Looi, Thomas; Pichardo, Samuel; Napoli, Alessandro; Bazzocchi, Alberto; Scipione, Roberto; Temple, Michael; Waspe, Adam; Amaral, Joao G; Huang, Yuexi; Endre, Ruby; Lamberti-Pasculli, Maria; de Ruiter, Joost; Campbell, Fiona; Stimec, Jennifer; Gupta, Samit; Singh, Manoj; Mougenot, Charles; Hopyan, Sevan; Hynynen, Kullervo; Czarnota, Gregory; Drake, James; Brenin, David; Rochman, Carrie; Kovatcheva, Roussanka; Vlahov, Jordan; Zaletel, Katja; Stoinov, Julian; Han, Yang; Wang, Shutao; Konofagou, Elisa; Bucknor, Matthew; Rieke, Viola; Shim, Jenny; Staruch, Robert; Koral, Korgun; Chopra, Rajiv; Laetsch, Theodore; Lang, Brian; Wong, Carlos; Lam, Heather; Kovatcheva, Roussanka; Vlahov, Jordan; Zaletel, Katja; Stoinov, Julian; Shinkov, Alexander; Hu, Jim; Sharma, Karun; Zhang, Xi; Macoskey, Jonathan; Ives, Kimberly; Owens, Gabe; Gurm, Hitinder; Shi, Jiaqi; Pizzuto, Matthew; Cain, Charles; Xu, Zhen; Payne, Allison; Dillon, Christopher; Christofferson, Ivy; Hilas, Elaine; Shea, Jill; Greillier, Paul; Ankou, Bénédicte; Bessière, Francis; Zorgani, Ali; Pioche, Mathieu; Kwiecinski, Wojciech; Magat, Julie; Melot-Dusseau, Sandrine; Lacoste, Romain; Quesson, Bruno; Pernot, Mathieu; Catheline, Stefan; Chevalier, Philippe; Lafon, Cyril; Marquet, Fabrice; Bour, Pierre; Vaillant, Fanny; Amraoui, Sana; Dubois, Rémi; Ritter, Philippe; Haïssaguerre, Michel; Hocini, Mélèze; Bernus, Olivier; Quesson, Bruno; Tebebi, Pamela; Burks, Scott; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Gertner, Michael; Zhang, Jimin; Wong, Andrew; Fite, Brett; Liu, Yu; Kheirolomoom, Azadeh; Seo, Jai; Watson, Katherine; Mahakian, Lisa; Tam, Sarah; Zhang, Hua; Foiret, Josquin; Borowsky, Alexander; Ferrara, Katherine; Xu, Doudou; Melzer, Andreas; Thanou, Maya; Centelles, Miguell; Wright, Mike; Amrahli, Maral; So, Po-Wah; Gedroyc, Wladyslaw; Centelles, Miguell; Wright, Mike; Gedroyc, Wladyslaw; Thanou, Maya; Kneepkens, Esther; Heijman, Edwin; Keupp, Jochen; Weiss, Steffen; Nicolay, Klaas; Grüll, Holger; Fite, Brett; Wong, Andrew; Liu, Yu; Kheirolomoom, Azadeh; Mahakian, Lisa; Tam, Sarah; Foiret, Josquin; Ferrara, Katherine; Burks, Scott; Nagle, Matthew; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Sapozhnikov, Oleg; Nikolaeva, Anastasia V; Terzi, Marina E; Tsysar, Sergey A; Maxwell, Adam; Cunitz, Bryan; Bailey, Michael; Mourad, Pierre; Downs, Matthew; Yang, Georgiana; Wang, Qi; Konofagou, Elisa; Burks, Scott; Nagle, Matthew; Nguyen, Ben; Bresler, Michele; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Burks, Scott; Nagle, Matthew; Kim, Saejeong; Milo, Blerta; Frank, Joseph; Chen, Johnny; Farry, Justin; Dixon, Adam; Du, Zhongmin; Dhanaliwala, Ali; Hossack, John; Klibanov, Alexander; Ranjan, Ashish; Maples, Danny; Chopra, Rajiv; Bing, Chenchen; Staruch, Robert; Wardlow, Rachel; Staruch, Michelle W; Malayer, Jerry; Ramachandran, Akhilesh; Nofiele, Joris; Namba, Hirofumi; Kawasaki, Motohiro; Izumi, Masashi; Kiyasu, Katsuhito; Takemasa, Ryuichi; Ikeuchi, Masahiko; Ushida, Takahiro; Crake, Calum; Papademetriou, Iason T; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Porter, Tyrone; McDannold, Nathan; Kothapalli, Satya V V N; Leighton, Wan; Wang, Zhaorui; Partanen, Ari; Gach, H. M; Straube, William; Altman, Michael; Chen, Hong; Kim, Young-sun; Lim, Hyo K; Rhim, Hyunchul; Kim, Young-sun; Lim, Hyo K; Rhim, Hyunchul; van Breugel, Johanna; Braat, Manon; Moonen, Chrit; van den Bosch, Maurice; Ries, Mario; Marrocchio, Cristina; Dababou, Susan; Bitton, Rachelle; Pauly, Kim B; Ghanouni, Pejman; Lee, Jae Y; Lee, Jae Y; Chung, Hyun H; Kang, Soo Y; Kang, Kook J; Son, Keon H; Zhang, Dandan; Adams, Matthew; Salgaonkar, Vasant; Plata, Juan; Jones, Peter; Pascal-Tenorio, Aurea; Bouley, Donna; Sommer, Graham; Pauly, Kim B; Diederich, Chris; Bond, Aaron; Dallapiazza, Robert; Huss, Diane; Warren, Amy; Sperling, Scott; Gwinn, Ryder; Shah, Binit; Elias, W. J; Curley, Colleen; Zhang, Ying; Negron, Karina; Miller, Wilson; Klibanov, Alexander; Abounader, Roger; Suk, Jung S; Hanes, Justin; Price, Richard; Karakatsani, Maria E (; Samiotaki, Gesthimani; Wang, Shutao; Kugelman, Tara; Acosta, Camilo; Konofagou, Elisa; Kovacs, Zsofia; Tu, Tsang-Wei; Papadakis, Georgios; Hammoud, Dima; Frank, Joseph; Silvestrini, Matthew; Wolfram, Frank; Güllmar, Daniel; Reichenbach, Juergen; Hofmann, Denis; Böttcher, Joachim; Schubert, Harald; Lesser, Thomas G; Almquist, Scott; Parker, Dennis; Christensen, Douglas; Camarena, Francisco; Jiménez-Gambín, Sergio; Jiménez, Noé; Konofagou, Elisa; Chang, Jin W; Chaplin, Vandiver; Griesenauer, Rebekah; Miga, Michael; Caskey, Charles; Ellens, Nicholas; Airan, Raag; Quinones-Hinojosa, Alfredo; Farahani, Keyvan; Partanen, Ari; Feng, Xue; Fielden, Samuel; Zhao, Li; Miller, Wilson; Wintermark, Max; Pauly, Kim B; Meyer, Craig; Guo, Sijia; Lu, Xin; Zhuo, Jiachen; Xu, Su; Gullapalli, Rao; Gandhi, Dheeraj; Jin, Changzhu; Brokman, Omer; Eames, Matt; Snell, John; Paeng, Dong-Guk; Baek, Hongchae; Kim, Hyungmin; Leung, Steven; Webb, Taylor; Pauly, Kim B; McDannold, Nathan; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Vykhodtseva, Natalia; Nguyen, Thai-Son; Sukovich, Jonathan; Hall, Timothy; Xu, Zhen; Cain, Charles; Park, Chang K; Park, Sang M; Jung, Na Y; Kim, Min S; Chang, Won S; Jung, Hyun H; Chang, Jin W; Pichardo, Samuel; Hynynen, Kullervo; Plaksin, Michael; Weissler, Yoni; Shoham, Shy; Kimmel, Eitan; Quigg, Anders; Snell, John; Paeng, Dong-Guk; Eames, Matt; Sapozhnikov, Oleg; Rosnitskiy, Pavel B; Khokhlova, Vera; Shoham, Shy; Krupa, Steve; Hazan, Eilon; Naor, Omer; Levy, Yoav; Maimon, Noam; Brosh, Inbar; Kimmel, Eitan; Kahn, Itamar; Sukovich, Jonathan; Xu, Zhen; Hall, Timothy; Allen, Steven; Cain, Charles; Cahill, Jessica; Sun, Tao; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Power, Chanikarn; Livingstone, Margaret; McDannold, Nathan; Todd, Nick; Colas, Elodie C; Wydra, Adrian; Waspe, Adam; Looi, Thomas; Maev, Roman; Pichardo, Samuel; Drake, James; Aly, Amirah; Sun, Tao; Zhang, Yong-Zhi; Sesenoglu-Laird, Ozge; Padegimas, Linas; Cooper, Mark; McDannold, Nathan; Waszczak, Barbara; Tehrani, Seruz; Miller, Wilson; Slingluff, Craig; Larner, James; Andarawewa, Kumari; Bucknor, Matthew; Ozhinsky, Eugene; Shah, Rutwik; Krug, Roland; Rieke, Viola; Deckers, Roel; Linn, Sabine; Suelmann, Britt; Braat, Manon; Witkamp, Arjen; Vaessen, Paul; van Diest, Paul; Bartels, Lambertus W; Bos, Clemens; van den Bosch, Maurice; Borys, Nicolas; Storm, Gert; Van der Wall, Elsken; Moonen, Chrit; Farr, Navid; Alnazeer, Moez; Yarmolenko, Pavel; Katti, Prateek; Partanen, Ari; Eranki, Avinash; Kim, Peter; Wood, Bradford; Farrer, Alexis; Almquist, Scott; Dillon, Christopher; Parker, Dennis; Christensen, Douglas; Payne, Allison; Ferrer, Cyril; Bartels, Lambertus W; de Senneville, Baudouin D; van Stralen, Marijn; Moonen, Chrit; Bos, Clemens; Liu, Yu; Liu, Jingfei; Fite, Brett; Foiret, Josquin; Leach, J. K; Ferrara, Katherine; Gupta, Roohi; Cvetkovic, Dusica; Ma, Charlie; Chen, Lili; Haase, Sabrina; Zidowitz, Stephan; Melzer, Andreas; Preusser, Tobias; Lee, Hsin-Lun; Hsu, Fang-Chi; Kuo, Chia-Chun; Jeng, Shiu-Chen; Chen, Tung-Ho; Yang, Nai-Yi; Chiou, Jeng-Fong; Jeng, Shiu-Chen; Kao, Yi-tzu; Pan, Chia-Hsin; Wu, Jing-Fu; Chen, Tung-Ho; Hsu, Fang-Chi; Lee, Hsin-Lun; Chiou, Jeng-Fong; Hsu, Fang-Chi; Tsai, Yi-Chieh; Lee, Hsin-Lun; Chiou, Jeng-Fong; Johnson, Sara; Parker, Dennis; Payne, Allison; Li, Dawei; He, Ye; Mihcin, Senay; Karakitsios, Ioannis; Strehlow, Jan; Schwenke, Michael; Haase, Sabrina; Demedts, Daniel; Levy, Yoav; Preusser, Tobias; Melzer, Andreas; Mihcin, Senay; Rothluebbers, Sven; Karakitsios, Ioannis; Xiao, Xu; Strehlow, Jan; Demedts, Daniel; Cavin, Ian; Sat, Giora; Preusser, Tobias; Melzer, Andreas; Minalga, Emilee; Payne, Allison; Merrill, Robb; Parker, Dennis; Hadley, Rock; Ramaekers, Pascal; Ries, Mario; Moonen, Chrit; de Greef, Martijn; Shahriari, Kian; Parvizi, Mohammad H; Asadnia, Kiana; Chamanara, Marzieh; Kamrava, Seyed K; Chabok, Hamid R; Schwenke, Michael; Strehlow, Jan; Demedts, Daniel; Tanner, Christine; Rothluebbers, Sven; Preusser, Tobias; Strehlow, Jan; Stein, Ruben; Demedts, Daniel; Schwenke, Michael; Rothluebbers, Sven; Preusser, Tobias; Demedts, Daniel; Haase, Sabrina; Muller, Sébastien; Strehlow, Jan; Langø, Thomas; Preusser, Tobias; Tan, Jeremy; Zachiu, Cornel; Ramaekers, Pascal; Moonen, Chrit; Ries, Mario; Wolfram, Frank; Güllmar, Daniel; Schubert, Harald; Lesser, Thomas G; Erasmus, Hans-Peter; Colas, Elodie C; Waspe, Adam; Mougenot, Charles; Looi, Thomas; Van Arsdell, Glen; Benson, Lee; Drake, James; Jang, Kee W; Tu, Tsang-Wei; Jikaria, Neekita; Nagle, Matthew; Angstadt, Mary; Lewis, Bobbi; Qureshi, Farhan; Burks, Scott; Frank, Joseph; McLean, Hailey; Payne, Allison; Hoogenboom, Martijn; Eikelenboom, Dylan; den Brok, Martijn; Wesseling, Pieter; Heerschap, Arend; Fütterer, Jurgen; Adema, Gosse; Wang, Kevin; Zhang, Ying; Zhong, Pei; Xiao, Xu; Joy, Joyce; McLeod, Helen; Melzer, Andreas; Bing, Chenchen; Staruch, Robert; Nofiele, Joris; Szczepanski, Debra; Staruch, Michelle W; Laetsch, Theodore; Chopra, Rajiv; Bing, Chenchen; Staruch, Robert; Yarmolenko, Pavel; Celik, Haydar; Nofiele, Joris; Szczepanski, Debra; Kim, Peter; Kim, Harry; Lewis, Matthew; Chopra, Rajiv; Shah, Rutwik; Ozhinsky, Eugene; Rieke, Viola; Bucknor, Matthew; Diederich, Chris; Salgaonkar, Vasant; Jones, Peter; Adams, Matthew; Ozilgen, Arda; Zahos, Peter; Coughlin, Dezba; Tang, Xinyan; Lotz, Jeff; Jedruszczuk, Kathleen; Gulati, Amitabh; Solomon, Stephen; Kaye, Elena; Fielden, Samuel; Mugler, John; Miller, Wilson; Pauly, Kim B; Meyer, Craig; Barbato, Gaetano; Scoarughi, Gian L; Corso, Cristiano; Gorgone, Alessandro; Migliore, Ilaria G; Larrabee, Zachary; Hananel, Arik; Eames, Matt; Aubry, Jean-Francois; Eranki, Avinash; Farr, Navid; Partanen, Ari; Sharma, Karun; Yarmolenko, Pavel; Wood, Bradford; Kim, Peter; Farr, Navid; Kothapalli, Satya V V N; Eranki, Avinash; Negussie, Ayele; Wilson, Emmanuel; Seifabadi, Reza; Kim, Peter; Chen, Hong; Wood, Bradford; Partanen, Ari; Moon, Hyungwon; Kang, Jeeun; Sim, Changbeom; Chang, Jin H; Kim, Hyuncheol; Lee, Hak J; Sasaki, Noboru; Takiguchi, Mitsuyoshi; Sebeke, Lukas; Luo, Xi; de Jager, Bram; Heemels, Maurice; Heijman, Edwin; Grüll, Holger; Strehlow, Jan; Schwenke, Michael; Demedts, Daniel; Preusser, Tobias; McLeod, Helen; Abraham, Christopher; Pichardo, Samuel; Curiel, Laura; Ramaekers, Pascal; de Greef, Martijn; Berriet, Rémi; Moonen, Chrit; Ries, Mario; Dillon, Christopher; Janát-Amsbury, Margit; Payne, Allison; Corea, Joseph; Ye, Patrick P; Arias, Ana C; Pauly, Kim B; Lustig, Micheal; Svedin, Bryant; Payne, Allison; Parker, Dennis (2016-11-21)
  • Formula diet driven microbiota shifts tryptophan metabolism from serotonin to tryptamine in neonatal porcine colon 

    Saraf, Manish K; Piccolo, Brian D; Bowlin, Anne K; Mercer, Kelly E; LeRoith, Tanya; Chintapalli, Sree V; Shankar, Kartik; Badger, Thomas M; Yeruva, Laxmi (2017-07-14)
    Abstract Background The gut microbiota of breast-fed and formula-fed infants differ significantly, as do the risks for allergies, gut dysfunction, and upper respiratory tract ...
  • Control of lupus nephritis by changes of gut microbiota 

    Mu, Qinghui; Zhang, Husen; Liao, Xiaofeng; Lin, Kaisen; Liu, Hualan; Edwards, Michael R; Ahmed, S. A; Yuan, Ruoxi; Li, Liwu; Cecere, Thomas E; Branson, David B; Kirby, Jay L; Goswami, Poorna; Leeth, Caroline M; Read, Kaitlin A; Oestreich, Kenneth J; Vieson, Miranda D; Reilly, Christopher M; Luo, Xin M (2017-07-11)
    Abstract Background Systemic lupus erythematosus, characterized by persistent inflammation, is a complex autoimmune disorder with no known cure. Immunosuppressants used in ...
  • Increased frequency of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus shedding and lesions in suckling pigs compared to nursery pigs and protective immunity in nursery pigs after homologous re-challenge 

    Gerber, Priscilla F; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Lager, Kelly; Crawford, Kimberly; Kulshreshtha, Vikas; Cao, Dianjun; Meng, Xiang-Jin; Opriessnig, Tanja (2016-11-21)
    Abstract Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) causes enteric disease in pigs and spreads rapidly after entering naïve pig populations. The objectives were to (1) compare the disease course following inoculation ...
  • Combination of probiotics and coccidiosis vaccine enhances protection against an Eimeria challenge 

    Ritzi, Miranda M; Abdelrahman, Wael; van-Heerden, Kobus; Mohnl, Michaela; Barrett, Nathaniel W; Dalloul, Rami A (2016-11-08)
    Abstract Coccidiosis is endemic in the commercial broiler industry capable of inflicting devastating economic losses to poultry operations. Vaccines are relatively effective in controlling the disease; their ...
  • Structural divergence of chromosomes between malaria vectors Anopheles lesteri and Anopheles sinensis 

    Liang, Jiangtao; Cheng, Biao; Zhu, Guoding; Wei, Yun; Tang, Jianxia; Cao, Jun; Ma, Yajun; Sharakhova, Maria V; Xia, Ai; Sharakhov, Igor V (2016-11-25)
    Abstract Background Anopheles lesteri and Anopheles sinensis are two major malaria vectors in China and Southeast Asia. They are dramatically ...
  • Predicting network modules of cell cycle regulators using relative protein abundance statistics 

    Oguz, Cihan; Watson, Layne T.; Baumann, William T.; Tyson, John J. (2017-02-28)
    Abstract Background Parameter estimation in systems biology is typically done by enforcing experimental observations through an objective function as the parameter space of a ...

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