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  • Red Giants or Black Holes? The Antecedent Conditions and Multi-Level Impacts of Star Performers 

    Asgari, Elham; Hunt, Richard A.; Lerner, Daniel A.; Townsend, David M.; Hayward, Mathew L. A.; Kiefer, Kip
    High-achieving employees, the “stars” of an organization, are widely credited with producing indispensable, irreplaceable, value-enhancing contributions. From the recruitment of celebrity CEOs to the fierce competition for ...
  • COVID-19 and the importance of space in entrepreneurship research and policy 

    Korsgaard, Steffen; Hurt, Richard A.; Townsend, David M.; Ingstrup, Mads Bruun (2020-10-15)
    Given the COVID-19 crisis, the importance of space in the global economic system has emerged as critical in a hitherto unprecedented way. Even as large-scale, globally operating digital platform enterprises find new ways ...
  • Strategic Management 

    Kennedy, Reed; Jamison, Eli; Simpson, Joseph; Kumar, Pankaj; Kemp, Ayenda; Awate, Kiran; Manning, Kathleen (Pamplin College of Business in association with Virginia Tech Publishing, 2020-08)
    Strategic Management (2020) is a 343-page open educational resource designed as an introduction to the key topics and themes of strategic management. The open textbook is intended for a senior capstone course in an ...
  • Nuances in the Interplay of Competition and Cooperation: Towards a Theory of Coopetition 

    Gnyawali, Devi R.; Charleton, Tadhg Ryan (SAGE, 2018-09-01)
    Progress in coopetition research is impeded by two problems in the literature: (a) superficial conceptualization of simultaneity and outcomes and (b) lack of theorizing about core properties of coopetition and how they ...
  • Killing Me Softly: Organizational E-mail Monitoring Expectations' Impact on Employee and Significant Other Well-Being 

    Becker, William J.; Belkin, Liuba Y.; Conroy, Samantha A.; Tuskey, Sarah (SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC, 2019-12-12)
    This paper tests the relationship between organizational expectations to monitor work-related electronic communication during nonwork hours and the health and relationship satisfaction of employees and their significant ...
  • Testbank for Fundamentals of Business 

    Bamgarner, Sarah; Cortes, Anastasia; Futyma, Frank; Goodwin, Thomas; Hertweck, Bryan; Manfred, Michelle; Poff, Ron; Tuttle, Mallory; Watters, Sheila; Walz, Anita R. (2019-01)
    ABOUT THE TESTBANK The testbank includes 377 peer-reviewed, multiple-choice questions which correspond to topics taught in introductory-level business open textbook,
  • 7th Annual Mid-Atlantic Strategy Colloquium and Doctoral Workshop 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Department of Management, 2013)
    A program for the colloquium hosted by the Department of Management and held at The Inn at Virginia Tech on February 15-16, 2013.
  • A Testbank Sprint for Fundamentals of Business 

    Walz, Anita R. (2019-06-28)
    During two days in January 2019, nine business faculty from seven institutions and three states (VA, NC, OH) worked together to develop a testbank for the open textbook, Fundamentals of Business. This library-planned and ...
  • The PESTEL Model 

    Duong, Alyssa (2019-02-16)
    This video was created by Alyssa Duong for the Pamplin College of Business 2018 "Fundamentals of Business" video contest. It covers the sectors that make of the six macro environmental influences within the PESTEL model. ...
  • Local Reasons to Give Globally: Identity Extension and Global Cooperation 

    Buchan, Nancy R.; Jeong, Sophia Soyoung; Ward, A. K. (Springer Nature, 2017-11-14)
    Recent political events across the world suggest a retrenchment from globalization and a possible increase in parochialism. This inward-looking threat from parochialism occurs just as the global community faces growing ...
  • Fundamentals of Business, Second Edition 

    Skripak, Stephen J.; Cortes, Anastasia; Walz, Anita R.; Parsons, Richard; Walton, Gary (VT Publishing, 2018-08-31)
    Fundamentals of Business, Second Edition (2018) is an 372-page open education resource intended to serve as a no-cost, faculty customizable primary text for one-semester undergraduate introductory business ...
  • Preference-driven biases in decision makers’ information search and evaluation 

    Chaxel, Anne-Sophie; Russo, J. Edward; Kerimi, Neda (Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) and the European Association for Decision Making (EADM), 2013-09)
    While it is well established that the search for information after a decision is biased toward supporting that decision, the case of preference-supporting search before the decision remains open. Three studies of consumer ...
  • Fundamentals of Business 

    Skripak, Stephen J. (Virginia Tech, 2016-05)
    Fundamentals of Business (2016) is an openly licensed (CC BY NC SA 3.0) textbook designed for use in Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of ...
  • General open and closed queueing networks with blocking: A unified framework for approximation 

    Vroblefski, M.; Ramesh, R.; Zionts, S. (INFORMS, 2000)
    In this paper, we develop a unified framework for approximating open and closed queueing networks under any general blocking protocol by extending and generalizing the approximation algorithm for open tandem queues under ...