Recent Submissions

  • Privacy in the Digital Age: A Review of Information Privacy Research in Information Systems 

    Bélanger, France; Crossler, Robert E. (University of Minnesota, Management Information Systems Research Center, 2011-12)
    Information privacy refers to the desire of individuals to control or have some influence over data about themselves. Advances in information technology have raised concerns about information privacy and its impacts, and ...
  • The Mobile Privacy-Security Knowledge Gap Model: Understanding Behaviors 

    Crossler, Robert E.; Bélanger, France (Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2017-01-04)
    Increasing collection of individuals’ information has led to several security and privacy issues, such as identity theft and targeted marketing. These risks are further heightened in the mobile realm as data collection can ...
  • Spline function smooth support vector machine for classification 

    Yuan, Y. B.; Fan, W. G.; Pu, D. M. (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2007-08)
    This paper presents a duality theory for solving concave minimization problem and nonconvex quadratic programming problem subjected to nonlinear inequality constraints. By use of the canonical dual transformation developed ...