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dc.contributor.authorGagnon, Jason S.en

This thesis explores the information flow at a construction site and examines how wireless communication technology can meet these information needs. The construction industry is dynamic. Therefore, traditional methods of communication have limited applicability to a construction jobsite. However, the advances in the wireless communication field are making that form of communication a viable option for the construction jobsite.

The information flow models in some other industries are examined as point of comparison with the construction industry. People in the construction industry can learn what information transmission methods have worked in other industries. Also, much can be learned from other industries that have already embraced wireless technology into their workplace.

An articulation of information needs at a construction jobsite is made. A large refinery that is under construction in Houston, Texas was the primary a source for articulating the information needs at a construction site. A detailed summary of a data reconnaissance visit to this project is included.

A methodology for identifying determining the applicability of different formats of wireless technology for a set of information needs is included. A second methodology for identifying and classifying information needs by a given company is also included. Finally, two examples of how to use these methodologies are presented.

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dc.publisherVirginia Techen
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dc.titleWireless communication and computing at the construction jobsiteen
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