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  • Virginia Tech Business, Spring 2019 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech. Pamplin College of Business, 2019)
    The Spring 2019 issue of the Pamplin College of Business magazine.
  • How hoteliers strategize for 2019 US calendar shifts 

    Miller, Dana (HNN, 2019-04-01)
    To eliminate surprises around annual calendar shifts, hoteliers need to implement strategies well ahead of time, especially around group business.
  • Kuala Lumpur hotel market looking for a revival 

    Palmqvist, Jesper; Freitag, Jan (HNN, 2019-03-19)
    If Kuala Lumpur is to improve performance for brands and owners, as well as attract more hotel development for the future, something needs to happen.
  • Experts’ outlook on current hotel development landscape 

    Hess, Danielle (HNN, 2019-04-02)
    Experts on a panel at the Hunter Hotel Conference shared their takes on where hotel development stands in the current cycle, and addressed topics such as modular construction, labor and more.
  • Hotels enhance F&B offerings as guests’ diets evolve 

    Koss-Feder, Laura (HNN, 2019-04-03)
    By letting guests know that they care about their special food requests, whether it’s keto or cage-free and gluten-free options, hotels are boosting their F&B profits and overall business.
  • Hotels are grappling with accessibility on websites 

    Koss-Feder, Laura (HNN, 2019-04-04)
    A movement to create online and mobile presences for people with vision and hearing impairments is forcing the hotel industry to take stock of what it is doing and can do to be more inclusive.
  • Meeting Planning Insights: Takeaways from STR’s Destination MAP 

    Klauda, Chris (Lodging Magazine, 2018-02-15)
    A comprehensive study of more than 800 meeting planners in North America, the Destination Meeting Assessment Program (Destination MAP) provides a detailed description of planners’ preferences and their perceptions of 40 ...
  • The Room Key: Should Hotel Sales Teams Be Allowed To Work From Home? 

    Hazelton, Andrew (Lodging Magazine, 2019-02-01)
    Providing a reasonable, flexible work environment is generally a good practice for the hotel industry. Yes, there are certain roles in our industry where working remotely is neither practical nor desirable. Yet in your ...
  • A Six-Step Strategy for Increasing Hotel Profitability 

    Chivers, Amanda (Lodging Magazine, 2018-11-19)
    While the rate of revenue growth has slowed nationwide, the U.S. hotel industry has seen increasing profits for eight consecutive years. Hoteliers can narrow the disparity between lagging revenue and increasing profitability ...
  • Building an Accurate Forecast: The Lifeblood of Any Hotel Revenue Manager 

    Bosworth, Patrick (Lodging Magazine, 2019-03-14)
    Over the past 40 years, hoteliers have made significant progress in the field of revenue management. Revenue management is no longer just thought of as yielding or pulling levers to get a price to match demand. Many ...
  • Revenue Is Rising, But Collecting Is More Challenging 

    Mandelbaum, Robert (Lodging Magazine, 2019-03-26)
    CBRE’s annual Trends in the Hotel Industry survey of hotel operating statements tracks Provision for Doubtful Accounts, as well as Credit Card Commission payments. To analyze trends in hotel collections, we studied data ...
  • Indie hoteliers see rise, value in co-working culture 

    Miller, Dana (2019-03-19)
    REPORT FROM THE U.S.—Not just a growing trend among branded hotels, co-working spaces are seeing a rise in the independent hotel sector in response to traveler demand...
  • How climate change could affect the hotel industry 

    Freitag, Jan (2019-03-18)
    HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Climate change is real, and will be real for decades to come. While efforts to increase sustainability measures are laudable—and countries and companies have made real efforts to decrease their ...
  • Hunter Day Two: Labor remains a concern for hoteliers 

    HNN editorial (2019-03-22)
    ATLANTA—The conversation at the second day of the 31st annual Hunter Hotel Conference remained on labor issues in the hotel industry.
  • 5 things affecting the US hotel industry 

    Hess, Danielle (2019-03-27)
    ATLANTA—The U.S. hotel industry continues to grow at a slow and steady pace, but there are several factors that could affect this period of growth.
  • 3 trends in hotel compression nights and what they mean 

    Duan, Tingting; Montgomery, Allison (2019-03-28)
    HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Compression nights have long served as opportunities for hoteliers to achieve peak pricing performance. But as the number of compression nights continues to decrease, operators need to be mindful ...
  • How millennials can transform the hospitality industry 

    Patel, Shreyas (2019-03-29)
    For some time, the hotel industry has focused on building hotels that cater to the preferences of the millennial generation. The next challenge is hiring those millennials to run the hotels we built for them.
  • Sales leaders: Go beyond responding quickly to RFPs 

    Kennedy, Doug (2018-11-14)
    Seems like every time I read conference rewinds and articles on Hotel News Now, the discussion turns to what is different about hotel sales these days and what leaders should be doing to adapt. It is good that most executive ...
  • “Heart Failure”: The Leading Cause Of Bad Reviews 

    Kennedy, Doug (2019-03-20)
    When you read a cross-section of negative comments from online reviews and guest surveys, it's easy to recognize a common theme across all lodging operations: "Heart failure." More specifically, I am referring to the failure ...
  • The real opportunity in voice is human engagement 

    Kennedy, Doug (2019-03-21)
    Seems like every day when I read hotel industry news publications there is always a headline addressing an urgent need for hoteliers to focus on “voice” to stay ahead of the competition. But when I read further, it ends ...

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