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  • What Subscription Models Tell Us About Driving Loyalty and Revenue 

    Bilicic, David (2018-12-30)
    Consumers are subscribing to an ever-growing diverse set of categories and services – and at greater rates. There is easy access to everything from meal delivery kits to clothing and beauty products. Several automobile ...
  • 75,000 Surveys Reveal the Personal Values that Motivate People to Choose a Hotel 

    Allison, David (2019-02-10)
    The Valuegraphics Database is a random stratified statistical representation of the population of Canada and the US, currently comprised of 75,000 surveys that delve into respondent wants, needs and expectations relating ...
  • Hotel Sales - Are You Giving Your Guests Enough RevPAH? 

    Kennedy, Doug (2017-04-04)
    In the hotel business we measure our RevPAR, which everyone knows is Revenue Per Available Room Night. Fortunately for us, our guests do not use a similar equation to evaluate their hotel stay, which they might call RevPAH, ...
  • Empathy in Leadership, Life, and the Hospitality Industry 

    Cardone, Kyle; Dr. Xiaoxiao Fu (2019-02-06)
  • Why hoteliers can’t ignore TripAdvisor 

    Hoisington, Alicia (2018-05-29)
    TripAdvisor might be a bane to some hoteliers, but new research shows that the online review site has quite the economic impact in the travel space.
  • Why Google Ads is critical to your marketing strategy 

    Hoisington, Alicia (2018-10-29)
    Google dominates the online search world, holding 63 percent of the market and 98 percent reach in the internet ecosystem, including its display network, according to Danielle Gonzalez, VP of hospitality at IgnitionOne, a ...
  • U.S. hotel forecasts continue to look up 

    Hoisington, Alicia (2018-08-27)
    Another quarter gone, another round of forecasts from the industry’s analysts. And most of it spells good news for the United States hotel sector. Is there a downturn in sight? It doesn’t appear that way when looking at ...
  • Travel Tripper launches Metasearch Direct 

    Hertzfeld, Esther (2019-02-05)
    Travel Tripper has launched Metasearch Direct, allowing hotels to send rates directly from the central-reservation system to Google Hotel Ads. This enables hotels to increase the visibility and maximize the return on ad ...
  • This is what hoteliers need to focus on to drive business 

    Hoisington, Alicia (2018-08-12)
    The U.S. hotel industry is still trying to adapt to an increasingly mobile marketplace—one that is hyperfocused on online reputation management and digital marketing strategies that will drive the best return on investment. ...
  • The value of hotel-direct bookings is measured by more than numbers 

    Bosworth, Patrick; Duetto (2018-05-31)
    When a controversial report finds “no measurable” benefits for hoteliers who shift their booking mix from online travel agencies to direct channels, you can be sure its arguments—especially a specious claim like direct-booking ...
  • Profit growth presents enormous challenge for hotel industry 

    Mandelbaum, Robert (2018-07-18)
    U.S. hoteliers enjoyed an eighth consecutive year of increasing profits in 2017 despite another slowdown in the rate of revenue growth. According to the 2018 edition of "Trends in the Hotel Industry," total operating revenue ...
  • How slowing GDP growth could hurt hotel RevPAR 

    Fox, Jena. T (2018-11-14)
    The latest report from PwC indicates that a waning fiscal stimulus—and resultant deceleration in gross domestic product growth—could hamper revenue per available room increases by the latter half of 2019. Still, economic ...
  • How hotels can drive revenue (and cut costs) 

    Fox, Jena. T (2018-03-26)
    It’s a constant source of anxiety for any hotel manager. How can you deliver maximum profit while maintaining the guest experience? With the right cost-cutting measures and smart policies for growing revenue, the process ...
  • 3 reasons why independent hotels are thriving 

    Webster, Jonathan; HG, Geronimo (2018-10-23)
    As today's travelers gravitate toward unique lodging accommodations, the boutique hotel scene is thriving, and it is all related to (1) local focus, (2) personalized service, and (3) attention to detail.
  • How Video Tools and Screen Sharing Can Help Today’s Hotel Salespeople Stand Out 

    Kennedy, Doug (2018-04-12)
    In the 2010's we have witnessed a transition in group bookings to electronic conversations, as an increasing percentage of meetings, conferences and events are being booked without there being even one voice call between ...
  • 5 Presentation Tips for Leaders Who Fear Speaking at Meetings or Conferences 

    Cook, Cathy (2018-02-06)
    This article presents 5 tips for leaders who fear speaking at meetings or conferences, by Cathy Cook. The author shares her experience with public speaking and list 5 tips that has help her along her way.
  • Update Your 800 Message On Hold To Encourage Direct Bookings And Cross-Sell 

    Kennedy, Doug (2018-06-20)
    On many levels, marketing in the hotel industry has advanced rapidly, yet at most hotels and brands, the 'message on hold' (MOH) scripting is stuck in the 1990’s. Whether you call a hotel directly or call into its central ...
  • An Exploratory Study of Sales Managers' Activities in Lodging Properties [Summary] 

    Beck, Jeffrey; Knutson, Bonnie (Virginia Tech, 2019-02-12)
    The purpose of the present study is to discover which activities hotel sales managers perceive to be most important toward their job performance and how they allocate their time on selling activities. Exploratory factor ...
  • Leveling the Playing Field: E-Marketing's Impact on Lodging Operations [Summary] 

    Gregory, Susan; Breiter, Deborah (Virginia Tech, 2019-02-12)
    Since 1998 there has been a 54% increase in the number of travelers using the Internet to obtain information on destination or make travel arrangements. Electronic commerce has revolutionized the way services are delivered ...
  • The Marketing Role of the Internet in Launching a Hotel: The Case of Hotel ICON 

    Tse, Tony S. (Virginia Tech, 2019-02-12)
    Hotel ICON was launched in Hong Kong during April 2011, and it was ranked No. 1 on by November 2011. One of the hotel's success factors was the creative use of Internet marketing in its launch, which included ...

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