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  • Virginia Cooperative Extension Mid-Career Focus Group Findings - Competencies 

    Vines, Karen; Baughman, Sarah; Clark, Neil; Gregg, Cynthia; Henderson, Jane; Johnson, Lonnie; Wallace, Ruth E. (2022-01-12)
    This publication includes findings of focus groups conducted with Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) agents and specialists in spring 2021 related to competencies. This area of inquiry was one of four categories included ...
  • Forest Farming: Who Wants In? 

    Trozzo, Katie E.; Munsell, John F.; Chamberlain, James L.; Gold, Michael A.; Niewolny, Kimberly L. (2021-09)
    Forest farming is an agroforestry practice defined as the intentional cultivation of nontimber forest products (NTFPs) underneath a forest canopy. Forest farming perspectives and preferences among family forest owners are ...
  • Towards defining and advancing ‘Made in Africa Evaluation’ 

    Omosa, Oladayo; Archibald, Thomas; Niewolny, Kimberly L.; Stephenson, Max O., Jr.; Anderson, James (AOSIS Publishing, 2021-11-09)
    Background: Most evaluation in Africa is rooted in dominant neoliberal Western approaches. Imported Western evaluation frames may lack multicultural validity and can lead to wrong conclusions and poor development outcomes. ...
  • Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry 

    Kaufman, Eric K. (2021-10-29)
    Guest lecture for graduate seminar for Texas A & M University's Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications. Invited by Dr. Allison Dunn.
  • Reimagining Teamwork in Student Project Teams: The Role of Shared Leadership 

    Alegbeleye, Ibukun Dami; Kaufman, Eric K. (2021-10-25)
    The central problem this study seeks to solve pertains to the inability of college graduates to engage effectively in teamwork. To solve this problem, we explored the antecedents and outcome of teamwork. We hypothesized ...
  • Individual Submission Summary Reimagining Leader-Follower Dynamics in Student Project Teams 

    Alegbeleye, Ibukun Dami; Kaufman, Eric K. (2021-10-24)
    The central problem this study attempts to solve pertains to the inability of college graduates to engage effectively in teamwork. The inability to work effectively in a team seems to be a challenge of both leadership and ...
  • Followership Education and Reimagining Its Place in Leadership Education 

    Hocagil, Abdurrahim; Jenkins, Dan; Kaufman, Eric K.; North, Malcolm; Ghias, Wajeeha; Sechrest, Tom; Alegbeleye, Dami (2021-10-25)
    Short Description Align with this year’s conference theme, Reimagining Leadership Together, this panel discussion will provide ideas and insights about followership education, and its role and importance for leadership ...
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension Onboarding 2021 Survey Findings 

    Vines, Karen; Johnson, Lonnie; Bishop, Hannah; Paulette, Morgan; Pearson, Jocelyn; Spencer, Janet; Thompson, John (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2021-10-26)
    Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) gathered input in 2020 to develop an Organizational Effectiveness Plan (VCE, 2021). Item 2.5.2 is to “develop on-boarding and training programs using appropriate pedagogy, to ensure new ...
  • Connecting the Dots Between Team Science, Leadership Education, and the Interdisciplinary Research Pipeline 

    Kaufman, Eric K.; Coartney, Jama (2021-10-21)
    Short Description Working together with Team Science practitioners, leadership scholars have a unique opportunity to further advance the application of effective team processes. This combined effort can contribute to ...
  • Design and Evaluation of a Crowdsourcing Precision Agriculture Mobile Application for Lambsquarters, Mission LQ 

    Posadas, Brianna B.; Hanumappa, Mamatha; Niewolny, Kimberly L.; Gilbert, Juan E. (MDPI, 2021-09-28)
    Precision agriculture is highly dependent on the collection of high quality ground truth data to validate the algorithms used in prescription maps. However, the process of collecting ground truth data is labor-intensive ...
  • Early Career Extension Professional Development Needs Assessment Report 

    Vines, Karen; Cletzer, D. Adam; Westfall-Rudd, Donna; Hunnings, Joe; Sumner, Mark; Vines, Neal T.; Johnson, Lonnie; Lambur, Michael (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2021-09-30)
    Virginia Cooperative Extension hired 100 new agents from 2011 to 2014. This study was initiated to determine professional development needs for these early career agents, many of whom were also members of the millennial ...
  • When Leadership Terminology Collides: A Spirited Comparison of Adaption-Innovation Theory and Adaptive Leadership 

    Cletzer, D. Adam; Seibel, Megan; Kaufman, Eric K.; Friedel, Curt; Elliott-Engel, Jeremy (Association of Leadership Educators, 2021-06-28)
    As researchers, scholars, and practitioners, leadership educators apply an intellectual inquiry process, identifying what is known and understood, and what is not. Often, this requires seeking clarity around terms and ...
  • Spotlight on Team-Based Learning 

    Kasperbauer, Holly; Kaufman, Eric K. (Association of Leadership Educators, 2009-07-14)
    Leadership educators are always looking for innovative teaching strategies to further engage students in the classroom. One approach, team-based learning, takes using groups and teams to a new level. This session will ...
  • Exploring the Promise of Team Based Learning 

    Kaufman, Eric K. (Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research, Virginia Tech, 2010-02-12)
    Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a special type of small group facilitation, which differs from cooperative learning or group activities. The TBL approach integrates case studies and applied learning throughout the entire ...
  • Shifting from Leader Development to Leaderful Practice(s) 

    Kaufman, Eric K. (2021-08-30)
    Presentation for the Leadership and Social Change Residential College at Virginia Tech. Sub-topics addressed include the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, as well as leadership-as-practice (L-A-P).
  • Assessing the Role of Cyberbiosecurity in Agriculture: A Case Study 

    Drape, Tiffany; Magerkorth, Noah; Sen, Anuradha; Simpson, Joseph; Seibel, Megan; Murch, Randall Steven; Duncan, Susan E. (Frontiers, 2021-08-19)
    Agriculture has adopted the use of smart technology to help meet growing food demands. This increased automation and associated connectivity increases the risk of farms being targeted by cyber-attacks. Increasing frequency ...
  • Unlocking the Potential of Mentor/Mentee Relationships 

    Kaufman, Eric K. (2021-08-19)
    Presentations for Virginia Tech's Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education Graduate Student Orientation
  • Boundary politics and the social imaginary for sustainable food systems 

    Niewolny, Kimberly L. (2021-05-02)
    In this essay, Kim Niewolny, current President of AFHVS, responds to the 2020 AFHVS Presidential Address given by Molly Anderson. Niewolny is encouraged by Anderson's message of moving "beyond the boundaries" by focusing ...
  • Student Perceptions of Agricultural Advocacy – A Mixed Methods Study 

    Mosley, Chaney; Ellis, Keyana; Kaufman, Eric K. (American Association for Agricultural Education, 2012-05-17)
    The purpose of this study was to explore student perceptions of agricultural advocacy. The researchers aimed to determine whether or not students pursuing a degree in agriculture held the same attitudes toward animal ...
  • “Kick the Bucket!” – An activity for enhancing leadership and learning 

    Helms, Sarah Jo; Kaufman, Eric K. (Association of Leadership Educators, 2008-07-07)
    Presenters will share an easy-to-use activity for engaging participants in leadership theory and concepts. “Kick the Bucket!” offers application in a variety of settings. This session will highlight its use in college level ...

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