Too (2): offerings of small environments

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The work is divided into two parts, a verbal section and a visual section. The former is supportive, the latter is the main body of the work. Described, this thesis would be closer to a philosophy of design rather than a polemic or manifesto about design. Although it is concerned with the investigation of aesthetic qualities of single objects, within each project lies a universal concern, the struggle for order. The intent is to address the gap between art and daily life and through the design of the immediate environment bring about a more pleasurable and meaningful set of experiences.

The role of a designer is briefly discussed and the concept of always dealing with two as an approach to design is elaborated. But the important meaning of the work is succinctly expressed in a statement by David Jones, "There is no surrogate for being on the job." The designer must acknowledge the obligation not only to generate new ideas, but translate them into three dimensional realities.