Electrical characterization of carbon black filled rubber

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


DC resistance and AC conductance and capacitance have been measured under various conditions in an effort to electrically characterize and make electrical-mechanical correlations for 15 carbon black filled rubber samples.

Resistance, conductance and capacitance have been monitored as functions of uniaxial compressive stress, time, temperature, and mechanical and thermal history. Capacitance and conductance have also been monitored as functions of frequency under various degrees of compressive loading and before and after specific heat treatments.

A direct relationship has been found between sample • conductance and capacitance under any thermal and/or mechanical condition. This is in agreement with previous theories of conduction network formation and percolation. Various conduction mechanisms have been enumerated and an equivalent circuit of a network of lumped R-C "microelements'' has been qualitatively described. Stress, relaxation, frequency, and temperature dependences of the macroscopic parameters measured ( conductivity and capacitance) are discussed in terms of this model.