Comparison and results of sheet pile interlock analysis

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Virginia Tech

A finite element program for analyzing the nonlinear behavior of moving contact problems has been developed and used for the analysis of a single sheet pile interlock (Chan and Barker (1985), Wu and Barker (1986). In this study, the program is modified to simulate a sheet pile pull-out test with a new finite element mesh. The improved mesh contains a full-length sheet pile with both of its interlocks connected to two half-length sheet piles. The results are presented and compared with the results of the pull-out tests which were conducted by O'Neil and McDonald at WES (1985). The comparison is not completely satisfactory because the initial slack between interlocks is not modeled. Nonetheless, the general behavior of sheet piles under tensile load is correctly predicted by the finite element program.

For easier interpretation of the output from the finite element analysis, the computer graphics software AutoCAD (Auto desk, 1986) is adopted to serve as a postprocessor. Several features of AutoCAD such as overlaying, zooming, and macro instructions are utilized to serve this purpose. Some intermediate programs are also developed for the communication between the finite element program and AutoCAD.