Primary User Obfuscation in an Incumbent Informed Spectrum Access System

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Virginia Tech

With a growing demand for spectrum availability, spectrum sharing has become a high-profile solution to overcrowding. In order to enable spectrum sharing between incumbent/primary and secondary users, incumbents must have spectrum protection and privacy from malicious new entrants. In this Spectrum Access System (SAS) advancement, Primary Users (PUs) are obfuscated with the efforts of the SAS and the cooperation of obedient new entrants. Further, the necessary changes to the SAS to support this privacy scheme are exposed to suggest improvements in PU privacy, Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD)-SAS relations, and punishment for unauthorized transmission. Results show the feasibility for PU obfuscation with respect to malicious spectrum sensing users. Simulation results indicate that the obfuscation scheme can deliver location and frequency occupation privacy with 75% and 66% effectiveness respectively in a 100% efficient spectrum utilization oriented obfuscation scheme. A scheme without spectrum utilization constraint shows up to 91% location privacy effectiveness. Experiment trials indicate that the privacy tactic can be implemented on an open-source SAS, however environmental factors may degrade the tactic's performance.

Primary User Privacy, Spectrum Access System Privacy, Incumbent User Privacy