Identification: a way in

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Virginia Tech

This thesis consists of a personal exploration of the concepts of "identification" and "alienation" as they relate to one's relationship to the physical world. :Identification" as defined by Christian Norberg Schultz refers to the quality of the relationship between human beings and their environments. (p.21) "Alienation" on the other hand refers to a manner of existence where identification does not take place, and implies an unnatural separation between ones psychic and physical experiences (p.168)

The argument is made that the experiences inherent in identification are fundamental to the quality of life and that the increasing sense of alienation within "modem society" has left many people feeling lost. This suggests that it is becoming increasingly more important that we find a means to redefine the concept of identification so that it has the capacity to meet our need today.

The second half of the thesis is devoted to a series of design explorations. In creating the sculptures and landscapes illustrated I sought an increased conscious understanding of my processes of identification. It is my hope that the documentation of my experiences will serve as a tools for the reader, not to predict what their experiences would or should be, but rather as a guide to a better understanding of the possibilities that can exist within the relationship between all human beings and their environments.