Rosslyn Waterfront Complex: Bridge the City and the River Architecturally

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Virginia Tech

I consider that either walking along the riverbank or floating down the river by boat and enjoying the journey by interacting with nature is a fundamental human right. Wandering in the concrete jungle, humming while beatboxing, dancing, and skateboarding can also be great pleasures. However, as cities increasingly cover over nature with urban constructions, highways, for instance, they deprive people's right to access the river by erecting a barrier between city and nature. Citizens are the reason that cities exist. So many vivid social activities happen in the concrete jungle every day. Yet, out urban lifestyles belittle nature as it is obscured by the city. It would be much more beautiful, inspiring, and healthy if we can find ways to develop cities in harmony with nature, allowing citizens to bring our urban textures to the ever-flowing river. In my thesis, I explore the possibilities of bringing the city and the river, architecturally.

hotel, apartment, high-rise, vertical community, air garden