Earth-self interconnections: an exploration into the significance for continued global and individual growth

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Virginia Tech


The significance of the Earth-Self interconnections for , personal and planetary growth was explored in this inquiry. Because Native Americans are a people who traditionally have been tangibly and consciously aware of Earth-Self interconnectedness, their philosophy that all life is connected was used as an example in examining the Earth-Self interrelationship. This foundation was followed by an elucidation of possible methods of integrating, through experiential and academic means, these interconnections with individual lifestyles and attitudes; and the potential results investigated.

Education is perceived as both a formal and informal process. Learning is a process of opening - to other ideas, philosophies, awarenesses - formally in the classroom and informally through multitudes of experiences. Conceptually, Native people believe opening is a process of balancing; what is reflected out, is mirrored back. A balanced individual is the reflection of a balanced earth.

It is argued that pollutions and meteorological changes are indicative of the Earth's present imbalance. We mirror that imbalance. As a challenge posed in this thesis, by opening and becoming aware of the Earth-Self interrelationship, can we not rebalance wholistically? This inquiry explores the potential of rebalancing.