House I

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Virginia Tech

This thesis began with an interest in apartment housing typology. I am familiar with this typology, yet it remains mysterious. The topic was never touched on in five years of architectural education or the time spent working in firms. I felt the need to study this typology.

It is through the repetition of working with the realization that the hand and mind are one; I understand what I am working toward and the hand informs the mind of what it is doing.

The notion of centralization, transparency, spatial ambiguity, symmetry, dematerialization, are used as a method to organize space and architectural elements. Spatial orders and conditions are examined through the use of idealized color.

This work is the result of a year long study of the above architectural vocabulary. It is my hope that through this study, I can begin to establish a point of view.

This thesis is a cross section of a thought.

idealized color, transparency, centralization