Teaching the home economics major to use television as an effective means of mass communications

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This thesis was written to be used as a textbook by undergraduates majoring in home economics. The chapters are organized in such a manner as to lead the student through a sequence that will provide an overview and yet in some areas a detailed observation of a television station.

The early chapters are devoted to a description of and comments on the many facets of a television station. Special attention is given to acquainting the student with elements of the industry ranging from coverage maps and ratings to hand signals. The later chapters deal with specific areas. One is, "The Solo Demonstration and the Sewing Machine", another, "The Standup Demonstration" and a third is devoted to "The Interview". While in some areas the elements overlap, in each chapter the student is acquainted with certain problems and offered solutions relative to the various situations. The final chapter deals with "Television as a Teaching Tool".

At the end of each chapter is a series of problems which will lead the student into some activity involving the immediate subject. Use of these exercises will give the student practical experience in the area under discussion. Following the problems is a feature that will aid the teacher in evaluating the student‘s performance. The appendix deals with additional visual elements of television.

While this thesis is structured around the undergraduate student in home economics, it could be valuable reading for others who wish to use the medium of television.