Misuse Detection in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks

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Virginia Tech

With dynamic spectrum access emerging as an important paradigm for efficient spectrum use, mechanisms are required to ensure disciplined spectrum access by secondary users. This must be done without requiring secondary users to disclose private data, such as their exact usage pattern or identities of parties involved. We formulate, design and evaluate a mechanism to collect spectrum activity information using a set of CPEs. A system design is presented which uses a number of techniques to address mobility and security issues involved in relying on CPEs to collect spectrum activity information. The system imposes an observation probability such that a rational cheater is dissuaded from spectrum misuse. The minimum number of CPEs required to impose this observation probability is determined by formulating it as an integer linear program. The security and privacy of this system is analyzed, along with simulation results to evaluate the quality of the solution. Based on the current design, directions for future work are identified and preliminary approaches are presented.

Wireless Networks, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Linear Optimization, Game Theory, Security, Privacy