Combinatoric topological string theories and group theory algorithms

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A number of finite algorithms for constructing representation theoretic data from group multiplications in a finite group G have recently been shown to be related to amplitudes for combinatoric topological strings (G-CTST) based on Dijkgraaf-Witten theory of flat G-bundles on surfaces. We extend this result to projective representations of G using twisted Dijkgraaf-Witten theory. New algorithms for characters are described, based on handle creation operators and minimal multiplicative generating subspaces for the centers of group algebras and twisted group algebras. Such minimal generating subspaces are of interest in connection with information theoretic aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence. For the untwisted case, we describe the integrality properties of certain character sums and character power sums which follow from these constructive G-CTST algorithms. These integer sums appear as residues of singularities in G-CTST generating functions. S-duality of the combinatoric topological strings motivates the definition of an inverse handle creation operator in the centers of group algebras and twisted group algebras.

Journal of High Energy Physics. 2022 Oct 20;2022(10):147