Emotional Expression and Adjustment of Adolescents Who Have Experienced a Military Parent Deployed

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Virginia Tech

Gender is a context by which males and females are socialized. Social stereotypes based on gender influence emotional expressions. This study examined the emotional expression and adjustment of male and female adolescents who have experienced military deployment. Group interviews were held and transcripts were analyzed for gender differences in frequency and adherence to social display rules. The relationship of emotional expression and adjustment was also analyzed. Findings support the existence of gender differences in frequency of emotional expression, specifically that males had lower frequency of emotional expression in the interview. However, this study did not support adherence to social display rules. Males and females in the study expressed emotions that were both typical and atypical of display rules. Gender differences in adjustment were not found in this study. Clinical implications, limitations to research, and future research suggestions are also given.

emotion regulation, military, adolescent, adjustment, emotion, deployment