A physical metallurgy laboratory manual

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute

With the rapidly increasing importance placed by industry upon the development, treatment, examination and testing of metals and their alloys, there follows increasing stress on sound fundamentale in metallurgical laboratory practice as employed by the student majoring in this field.

Following a study of the requirements which must usually be met by the graduate who intends to continue his work in metallurgy, a series of experiments has been carefully planned, performed, and thoroughly studied to determine their value to the student.

This work was done under the direction and direct supervision of Professor H. V. White, Head of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and with the facilities of the laboratory under his charge.

General instructions in the selected experiments and typical laboratory reports are contained in the pages which follow. Since a large part of the experimental work was done with laboratory equipment developed for these specific experiments, description of apparatus and certain explanations are included in Section II, Experiment Reports.