Luminous Land of Phon

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Virginia Tech


This thesis, Luminous Land of Phon, explores how architectural spaces, even interior spaces, interact with nature along different dimensions. Light and sound are the two very powerful elements of nature and are the focus of this study. Louis Kahn once said: "The sun does not realize how wonderful it is until after a room is made." (Source:

The question of nature is explored in an urban environment to challenge the tired dualistic division between the human and the natural world. This project transforms the way we think about the urban so that architecture and nature can have great harmony and elevate each other instead of canceling each other. The project is a school of architecture and landscape architecture that promotes fine spaces with desirable qualities of light and sound for the design professionals of the future. The project is sited in the University of the District of Columbia as an expansion of their existing campus and programs.



Light, sound, UDC