The effects of exercise on alcohol consumption and depression in DUI probationers

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Virginia Tech

The subjects were DUI probationers placed by the court system in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP). Due to their high risk level, the subjects were placed in treatment programs. An exercise program was incorporated in a VASAP treatment program to investigate the reduction in alcohol drinking frequency and quantity by implementing a weekly questionnaire as a repeated measure in an experimental vs. a control group design.

Within these same groups, depression was measured through a pre-post design using the Beck Depression Inventory as a psychometric measure. The two arms of the study were evaluated by weekly ordinal data analyzed using a repeated measure ANOVA and a pre-post design using a 2x2 table with the appropriate ANOVA at a .05 level of significance.

The results indicated no significant difference between the groups. There experimental group established a reduction in alcohol consumption and depression at a faster rate than the control group.