Single-Session Design: Design Methodology in Compressed Timeframes Derived from the Robot Rivals Television Series

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study is to document the design process as it is adapted to compressed timeframes. I have termed this adapted design process single-session design. This study will also explore the application of this type of design methodology in industry where the research and development phases of products are continually being compressed.

The primary research for this study is extracted from the examples of rapid design observed repeatedly on the Robot Rivals television series on the Do It Yourself network. The scope of this television series is a competition between two teams of engineering students to design, build, and operate a robot in a single day. The show yields an ideal platform to study the design process in a highly adaptive and compressed form. This study will show how the design process can be adapted to function in a fast-paced situation.

The design process in general has been studied for quite some time. However, to date there is no focused research on a specific design methodology that is intended for extremely short-term projects. This research provides insight into the situation where significant time constraints stimulate creativity and ingenuity in designs.

Television, Rapid Design Methodology, Rapid Design Process