Time domain antenna pattern measurements

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Virginia Tech

Multipath on far-field antenna ranges causes distortion of antenna pattern measurements: The multi path components have differing path lengths and hence can be separated by illuminating the antenna under test with short-duration pulses. Alternatively, antenna measurements can be made in the frequency domain, and the Fourier transform can be used to relate the frequency-domain measurements to the antenna's time-domain response. The interference then can be removed with a time-domain gate, and transformed back into the frequency domain to yield improved CW antenna patterns. Virginia Tech has recently completed a major upgrade of their far-field antenna range and implemented a system to perform this data collection and data processing. This thesis describes the principles and implementation of the time-domain processing part of the system. Further, it demonstrates the validity of the method by showing the improvements in pattern measurement that have been achieved with the new system.

antennas, digital signal processing, gating, pattern, time domain