Characterization of Oscillatory Lift in MFC Airfoils

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this research is to characterize the response of an airfoil with an oscillatory morphing, Macro-fiber composite (MFC) trailing edge. Correlation of the airfoil lift with the oscillatory input is presented. Modal analysis of the test airfoil and apparatus is used to determine the frequency response function. The effects of static MFC inputs on the FRF are presented and compared to the unactuated airfoil.

The transfer function is then used to determine the lift component due to cambering and extract the inertial components from oscillating airfoil. Finally, empirical wind tunnel data is modeled and used to simulate the deflection of airfoil surfaces during dynamic testing conditions. This research serves to combine modal analysis, empirical modeling, and aerodynamic testing of MFC driven, oscillating lift to formulate a model of a dynamic, loaded morphing airfoil.

Morphing Airfoil, Piezoelectricity, Macro-Fiber Composite, Oscillatory Lift, Smart Wing